– by Emmanuel Gomez

Join Jace this week as he gets us ready for a great 2018! He informs us about some of the changes the podcast will be making as well as the schedule going forward. Also, he gives us a look at what books he has been reading as well as some of the ones he is looking forward to.

The 9 Panel Grid

Episode 26

Comic Catch Up


  1. Upcoming format changes
    1. The Comic Source on LRM Online
      1. Valiant Sundays
      2. AfterShock Mondays
      3. 9 Panel Grid
        1. Recommended Reading
        2. Splash Page Spotlights
        3. Future Picks
        4. Source Words
      4. New Comics Wednesdays
      5. Top Cow Thursdays
      6. Secret Wars Saturdays
    2. Comic News via Achor
      1. Download the Anchor app
      2. Search for the Comic Source
      3. Add to your favorites
      4. Instant feedback
    3. Written Content
      1. News analysis
      2. Opinion Pieces
      3. History of Comics
  2. Comic Catch Up
    1. Books I’ve read lately
        1. Action Comics
        2. Batman
        3. Hex 11
        4. Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps
        5. Alters
        6. Bloodshot Reborn
        7. Green Arrow
        8. Green Lanterns
        9. Fall and Rise of Captain Atom
        10. Captain Atom (New 52)
    2. Things at the top of the stack to get caught up on
      1. Jace
        1. Dark Nights Metal
        2. Mister Miracle
        3. Doomsday Clock
        4. Hulk (She-Hulk)
        5. Savage Things
        6. Aquaman
        7. Rom
        8. Revolution
        9. Unfollow
        10. Clean Room

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