Concepts Instead Of Plans Is The MCU Way


Over the past 15 years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become the standard in franchise movie-making. Warner Bros., Paramount, and even Lucasfilm have tried to copy the formula but have seen limited success.  The person leading the efforts of Marvel, Kevin Feige, has garnered the attention of all of Hollywood.  Comic book movies were once considered a quick easy cash grab made specifically for comic book fans.  Now, these movies have the respect of Hollywood where A-list actors and filmmakers are fighting for the chance to make a film or show.

The uniqueness of the MCU has been its ability to connect each project whether film or television to each other.  Since the first Iron Man film, the MCU storyline has expanded to over twenty films and multiple shows each project has connected to each other. With the fluidity of the overarching story most assumed, there was a secret room where Feige had the entire storyline for the MCU written and planned out. What may be a surprise for a majority of fans of the MCU is the whole plan is actually not that detailed.

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Joe Russo, who has directed four MCU films alongside his brother Anthony, recently spoke at the Sands International Film Festival (per Deadline) and explained that Marvel doesn’t have a firm plan in place for its future.

“No, the way it works at Marvel is — I’m sure at some point somebody will talk in detail about this, but part of Kevin [Feige]’s brilliance is that there isn’t really a plan,” Russo said. “There’s an idea, but you can’t have a plan if the movie you’re making tanks. There’s no plan after that, right?”

“So it’s really about, as the movie succeeded, then there was sort of enthusiasm about, ‘Well, what else could we do?’ And then that’s when new ideas would come out,” the director continued. “And there were hopes, we hope one day we can get to the story if you keep doing this, right? Maybe we can all get there, like Infinity War and Endgame, but a lot of the stuff was made up in between the movies.”

Pretty crazy but at the same time really smart.  To have a general plan allows Kevin Feige and future directors to pivot character arcs if needed.  I think the best example of seeing a story or character changing was Thor.  With two mediocre films starring the God of Thunder, Feige changed the direction of the character and had director Taika Waititi make Thor more comedic and less action superstar.  So, Feige and the rest of the creative team remains flexible enough to always change things up based on the performance of a movie or show.

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