– by Seth McDonald

We all heard a while back about what a fanboy Dave Bautista is, as it came out he didn’t read the Avengers: Infinity War script in hopes of staying as spoiler free as possible. In an interview with LRM’s own Gig patta, the professional wrestler turned actor spoke about his desire to stay uninformed as he attempted to do the same thing with the Blade Runner 2049 script, but this time it didn’t go as he had planned.

“When I knew my part—I knew who the character was, the storyline and his background of the character. Well, I didn’t really want to read the script. I told the producers, Andrew [Kosove] and Broderick [Johnson], that I didn’t want to read the script. They insisted that I do read the script, because wanted me to know on how my character fit in with the complete story. They really wanted to me to know the nature and background of this character. I read the whole script reluctantly. [Laughs] I was familiar with the whole storyline. It was a bitter sweet thing for me.”

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It’s always nice to see an actor that is a fanboy at heart, and Bautista, while he makes a lot of money and probably has more fun, he is one of us. He wants to go in as fresh as possible and enjoy the films he acts in as much or possibly even more than we do.

Be sure to check out Gig Patta’s full interview with fellow fanboy Dave Bautista by clicking the link above!

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Blade Runner 2049 is out now!

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