– by Emmanuel Gomez

On August 5th, 2016 we got Warner Bros. Pictures wild experiment titled Suicide Squad directed by David Ayer. Since then we have seen the DC Extended Universe take quite a few turns in direction. So of course there are going to be many inconsistencies that are left for Ayer to explain.

For example, the death of Robin. As we know in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, we got a glimpse at a Robin costume that had been vandalized by the Joker. During Suicide Squad Harley Quinn’s character bio had stated that she was an accomplice to Robin’s murder. The problem with the timeline is that it had been confirmed that Batman had knocked out the Joker’s teeth after he murdered Robin causing him to need the grill. But fans quickly noticed that the Joker already had his grill during one of his first meetings with then Dr. Harleen Quinzel at Arkham Asylum. Which means that the Joker must have had his grill before killing Robin.

Answering a tweet, David Ayer has confirmed that the reason for this inaccuracy is because the timeline of events were changed after Suicide Squad finished filming. Check it out below!

With how much of a mess the DC Extended Universe is now, this really isn’t such a big deal. Especially considering that there is now a non-cannon Joker film being made, while a Jared Leto Joker film is also in the works, not to mention a Suicide Squad sequel.

What are your thoughts on Ayers explanation? Does it even matter anymore? Let us know in the comment section below!


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Source: Twitter