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Trailers for superhero films have been becoming tricky lately. Avengers: Infinity War had at least one scene that really misled viewers, being the shot of the Hulk during the battle of Wakanda. If you have seen Deadpool 2 then you know the makers of the film took this idea a step further.

In the trailers for the film, we see the X-Force being recruited by Deadpool and T.J. Miller’s character, Weasel. There is even a shot in one of the trailers of Bedlam, played by Terry Crews, punching an opponent. This scene was never intended to be in the actual film, says writer Rhett Reese. He recently spoke with CBR and talked about the misleading trailers.

Rhett Reese:

“Shatterstar helped, because he was an original member of X-Force. I think that’s the one that made people think, ‘OK, this is legit. Also, we had actors who were really generous, and they were willing to shoot footage that they knew and we knew wasn’t going to end up in the movie, but was only going to be in marketing material. So we had Terry Crews out there fighting stunt guys, knowing that it was only going to be in commercials — and we did use it, it’s in commercials and it’s in trailers. It was all to help mislead the audience on this big gag. It was very elaborately constructed to make sure people bought it.”

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Reese continued:

“We were really going to try and convince people that they were going to be alive so that nobody sniffed it. And I think it worked, in the sense that nobody sees that coming.”

Co-writer Paul Wernick also chimed in, explaining how far they were willing to take the gag.

“There was a moment in time we were going to do standees, their own posters, we were going all in on this idea.”

I have to say, they fooled me. I was ready for some X-Force team action, but I am far more happy with the what actually happened in the film. The joke hit so well (at least for me) because it happened during the, ‘go time’ of the film. Surely the audience was getting primed for some ass-kicking by way of X-Force, however, what they received was not only shocking, but hilarious, and was true to the spirit of the Deadpool films.

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