– by Seth McDonald

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld has taken on a new role as a hype man for the upcoming Deadpool 2. The veteran comic book writer and artist recently spoke with our own Joseph Jammer Medina, and implied when it comes to the Deadpool sequel, we haven’t seen anything yet.

“There is a whole s**t-ton that you haven’t seen, and that you’re not going to see [before the movie hits], and it is to Ryan and Fox’s credit that they are keeping it all hidden from you. They continue to peel slight layers away. Get ready, because it’s going to blow you away, and I would not not be this confident if I did not know better.”

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Liefeld sounds reminiscent of a fanboy that got exclusive early access to the film, and I absolutely love that enthusiasm. Deadpool has an attribute other comic book characters do not, his personality allows him to take on these sort of random roles (ex: Good Housekeeping) and keep the viewer entertained without ever throwing a punch. This makes it easier, as Liefeld said, to keep most of the good stuff locked away until the movie premieres.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the marketing campaign for Deadpool 2. While it has mostly been just Deadpool playing around, it has been fun.  Now with the film being so close, the layers, as Liefeld mentioned, are being slowly peeled away. A recent trailer gave us our first look at Josh Brolin’s Cable in action, along with another hilarious Deadpool skit. It also featured old friends and a new ally.

After hearing what Liefeld had to say, are you excited yet? Let us know in the comments down below!

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  • Victor Roa

    Is Liefeld really a veteran writer? I do feel embarrassed I own a lot of his comics and he can barely sit through 3 issues without having to reboot everything down to “FIRST ISSUE!”
    Liefeld has this long history with hollywood, back in the 90s he would sign deals to projects that would never go anywhere. It got to a point he was in business with Jada Pinkette Smith and he leaked that he got the Matrix early and claimed it was suppose to be Will Smith would have been better in it. Late Jada did the sequels…… so he’s an odd character who’s in there but is all deluted weird but sometimes leaks some amazing stuff in the past 28 years.

  • Atirus

    Can Rob just not talk about the films or Deadpool for that matter. He has nothing to do with the films AND the Deadpool we know and love now isn’t what he created. The attitude, the weirdness and quick wit clearly came from Joe Kelly’s Deadpool run during Deadpool’s first ongoing series back in 97. So somebody needs to show Rob the door and/or tell him to shut the fuck up!