– by Campbell Clark

A supposed leak from Star Wars: Episode 9 has cropped up on Reddit. It goes without saying that this should be taken with a healthy dose of salt. We have absolutely no evidence to verify the voracity of this claim, and frankly I don’t buy it.

However, that’s for you to decide, not me. The supposed leak was posted by a user named 4LOM who claims to be a Lucasfilm spy, as he has a friend working on the movie. The usual scenario in this situation. The problem of course is that it’s so hard to pick out real leaks these days due to all the fake ones flying about.

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Anyway here is a list of what 4LOM says, and you can find his original post and the reactions from others on Reddit.

DJ is back and involved with the Hutts. Crime Syndicates will play a large role in the film as unlikely allies of the resistance. The new Hutt is jabba’s son, I forget his name but it’s name dropped when they bring up his title “____the Hutt, son of the mighty jabba” (He means Rotta)

This is very small but apparently there are finally twi’leks in the sequel trilogy, they can be seen on this new criminal planet. Rose, Finn, and Poe work together as a trio, apparently their dynamic is solid and “less cringe” as my colleague described it.

There is a dinner scene with the three heroes and the Hutt Cartel, it was described to me as something like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, with lots of gross foods and a cool musical number in the background. Finn and Rose are furious that DJ is involved, a lot of humor comes from their lack of trust for him. Poe sees him as a necessary evil

They are forced to leave early after the FO raids the Hutt hideout, and they leave blasters ablaze, with DJ in tow. My friend is “involved” with the creation of this sequence, he seems very proud of it and tells it it will feel extremely “Star Warsian”, whatever that means

So there you go, you can decide for yourselves whether this seems genuine or not. As I said above I just don’t buy it, but I have nothing specific to back that up with, just call it a hunch. One thing I would say, is that I truly believe that Del Toro’s DJ character has to come back in Episode 9. It’s not that I liked him, but that I feel he needs to be given more to do to make his inclusion in The Last Jedi seem valid.

Share your thoughts on this ‘leak’ in the comments section below as always.

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SOURCE: 4LOM (via Reddit)