Doom Patrol S2 E4 Review: Sex Patrol

Just like that, we find ourselves on episode 4 of Doom Patrol from HBO Max and DC Universe. In our adventure so far this season we have met Niles Caulder’s daughter, Dorothy who has very powerful imaginary friends. We also have very resentful characters that found out that they were being used by the Chief as experiments to find a source of immortality. Jane’s other personalities do not feel that she is capable of leading them anymore so they lock her up. After the battles with Mr. Nobody, Cyborg has PTSD and went off on his own to try and figure himself out. So where do we go from here? We party… duh.

Doom Patrol Episode 4: Sex Patrol.

If you recall in a previous episode this season, Dorothy accidentally dropped Danny the Brick while playing hide and go seek. Now the Chief has no idea if he is going to be able to bring him back. Lucky for Danny he has been a refuge for several people who needed a place to feel like they belonged. Enter the Dannyzens including Flex Mentallo, played by Devan Chandler Long, and Maura Lee Karupt, played by Alan Mingo Jr.

The idea is that they will throw a party in honor of Danny and use that energy to hopefully bring him back. Dorothy is excited as she has only heard of such parties while being locked up under Danny the Street. She ends up being a key factor in his return when she sings Pure Imagination, while everyone looks on.


As the party goes on throughout the evening. Rita cannot help but notice Flex’s control over his body and abilities. He tells her that the key is to clear her mind. Rita remembers one of the few moments (back from season one) where she had a clear mind. It happened to be back when Flex gave everyone around him an insane Orgasm. So she brings him up to her bedroom and asks him to do it again, all while he is facing the wall of course.

In the meantime, we have another one of Jane’s personalities join the party. Also if things weren’t nutty enough, the Chief decides to give Cliff drugs. Which turns him into a party Robot. It reminded me a lot of Terry Crew’s character in White Chicks when he accidentally drinks the cocktail with the drugs. Also, Vic returns to the Manor still feeling down after discovering the past of the girl he was seeing. Dorothy is told to go to bed but unfortunately, that dark voice inside her head made her go back down to the party.

Who You Gonna Call? The SeX-Men

Back in Rita’s room, Flex has discovered a blockage in Rita’s mind that is preventing her from clearing her mind. They decide to dig a little deeper and try to unlock it. She discovers that she is still dealing with trauma from when she was a child. She caught her mother sleeping with a producer to get her a part in a film. But it has grave consequences like everything does in this series. The sexual energy released by Rita has awakened a sex demon that can bring on the end of the world.

Doom Patrol

This event also triggers the trio known as the SeX-Men. Lt. Kiss, played by Michael Tourek, Torture, played by Tracey Bonner, and Cuddles played by Michael Shenefelt. In case your wondering, yes these characters are part of DC canon. They are funny because they look like a cheap Ghostbuster knock-off. They come together with the various Doom Patrol members and can calm the situation thanks to Jane.

Beware of Dorothy

Throughout this insanity, Danny reveals to Dorothy that he was in a sense holding her as a prisoner. This news devastates her and in the end, she looks for comfort from a very tiered Rita, who is unable to make her feel any better in her state. We are left with a very sad and lonely Dorothy. Which given the series so far, is probably going to have grave consequences going forward. Will she now turn to that dark voice in her head? We’ll find out soon enough.

Overall Thoughts

Doom Patrol continues to be such a fantastic show and this week was no different. The whacky events that happen combined with consistent character development make it so enjoyable. We care what happens to this group when they are confronted with a sex demon or attacked by a giant cockroach. I enjoy the slow burn with Dorothy’s story. Although we know that she has the potential to be dangerous, we still don’t know much. But little by little we are getting to know her and falling for her charm.

What are your thoughts about this week’s Doom Patrol episode? Let us know in the comment section below!

DC Universe’s Doom Patrol drops a new episode every Thursday on their streaming service and HBO Max.

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