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One time is never enough.

In this dark comedy, Simon Pegg stars as a professional hitman Charlie Wolfe who is embroiled in a murder plot for a contract assignment. And he is sporting a wicked mustache.

The film also stars Teresa Palmer, Alice Braga, Luke Hemsworth and Sullivan Stapleton.

Latino-Review had an exclusive phone interview with Braga on her role in the film. We discussed her part as the main victim, playing strong female characters and the love of Australia culture.

“Kill Me Three Times” is available as VOD and on iTunes today. It will have a limited theatrical run on April 10.

Read the full interview below.

Latino-Review: Why were you attracted to this project?

Alice Braga: I’ve met the [one of the] producers a long, long time ago, which was my agent’s brother. He invited me to read and participate. There was a director attached and then was detached. As soon as they start putting things together, I got [with them] on how creative we’re going to make this. [They had Kriv Stenders], the director of “Boxing Day,” a film that I liked a lot. It was an interesting story and how he worked with actors got my curiosity.

For the whole story, I thought it was different from what I’ve done. With the cast like Simon [Pegg] and everyone else jumping board—it would be a fun journey to make. So I jumped on board too! Yeah!

Latino-Review: So what was different from what you’ve previously had done?

Alice Braga: Well, what’s different? Definitely, it’s being a comedy, greedy, thriller/drama. It was completely being different for a movie that I would thought being in up to that point.

Latino-Review: Here’s my observation: I always thought of you playing strong female characters. The character you played in this film is still a strong female character. How exactly is this character different from all the other characters you’ve played in the past?

Latino-Review: I’ve spoken a lot with Kris towards going on set to know on how to play a woman who is not that strong and more sensitive. Turns out what we needed for the project was that she would become a strong woman. So in the sense on how she is different from other characters, in a character point of view, she ended up being a strong woman.

Funny enough, an interview I’ve been giving before you, we were talking about on how many strong female characters come in my direction. I have no idea on why that happens, but it does. She was, when I first started, a character who was trying to survive. She would go through all of this to be a strong woman without being naïve or feeling pity over herself.

So it was just pure coincidence actually that for me to play another character like this.

Latino-Review: Let me ask you this—do you like playing these sort of characters? Do you think you’re being typecast?

Alice Braga: I don’t think I’m being typecast. In a way, I’ve done [these strong female roles] and people see what I can do [with them]. I try to do my best on it. Definitely, it’s not being typecast. In a way, [they’re all] different characters in different stories.

Now if it’s women that need to survive then they have those similarities. They’re all ended up being as strong women.

Latino-Review: So what kind of female characters would you personally like to play in the future then?

Alice Braga: I would love to play a villain. I would love to play a woman who is not a good girl. She should be a woman with a different type of issues in her life and not necessarily a survivor. Almost every character I’ve played in American films, not in independent projects, are typically survivor characters. [My indie films] are typically opposites.

I just did a film with Woody Harrelson and Liam Hemsworth last year, in which she is the wife of a ranger. She’s an entirely different character. But, mainly these characters I’ve played in the US—they have need instincts for survival. That’s something I love to play. I think it’s a lot of fun. And I do love these types of films. It challenges me in that direction.

Now if you ask me on who I should play that’s different from what Iusually play? It’s definitely a villain. Someone who is just mean. [Laughter]

Latino-Review: Your character is almost like that. She was trying to backstab her own husband, right? [Laughter]

Alice Braga: Yeah, definitely. It was a little controversial. I was talking with Kris about it. In editing, a couple scenes are taken out so that the husband ends up more of being like a bad guy. We took out those scenes and it was better for the film to leave those scenes out. She was just tired of being abused by him.

Latino-Review: You’ve mentioned just now that you’ve worked with Liam Hemsworth on a movie. Now you also worked with another Hemsworth on this movie too.

Alice Braga: Exactly It’s funny coincidence! [Laughter]

Latino-Review: How are the two comparable?

Alice Braga: They’re funny. They’re super kind. They’re nice friends to have. They’re really wonderful actors. They’re really nice people to be involved with. They play along and listen to what you want to bring to the scene. They’re very much a like in the sense.

Now Liam is the youngest though and he can be more like a boy. Now Luke is the oldest and he’s still a pretty goofy Aussie. Wait, they’re both goofy! [Laughter]

Latino-Review: So now you have to work with Chris [Hemsworth] and you’ll have the trifecta on your resume, right?

Alice Braga: Oh, yeah! Chris is the last one on my list. Then I can say I did the whole Hemsworth family. [Chuckles]

Latino-Review: Talk to me about Simon Pegg. At first, I thought he was a fish out of water being a British person in Australia. After I thought about it, now I think you’re the fish out of water being the Brazilian in Australia.

Alice Braga: Completely out of water! He was definitely much more in that I was. Working with him was wonderful. I feel that as soon as Simon got to the film project—I was trying to figure out the tone of everybody together. It’s crazy and beautiful to see how an actor having the power an influence in setting the tone.

Simon has that quality being a phenomenal actor in anything that he does whether it’s drama or comedy. He brought that tone to this greedy comedy/thriller, in which he set it pretty well. He’s sarcastic. He’s funny. He’s violent. He has all these little tricks because he’s so good at it.

Apart from being a wonderful human being, he’s such a wonderful guy and generous. He’s really, really humble on the set. I learned a lot from him. He writes and performs on so many different projects. It’s just wonderful to be around him.

Latino-Review: Now how about being a Latina on this project? You’re practically the only minority in the film.

Alice Braga: I’ve never felt that way. I was the first one cast for it. I felt like I was included as a part of something. It only occurred that I was different only through my accent. For me, the challenge was trying to understand Australian. That was a challenge! It wasn’t hard to understand my English. They speak too fast and their English is hard to learn. Yeah, it was good.

Latino-Review: Tell about working in Australia. For the whole movie, Australia was beautiful. And it looked like practically no one was around—it seems like.

Alice Braga: We filmed it around Margaret River [in Australia] a lot. It was two or three hours from Perth, Australia. It’s a beautiful area with vineyards. It was a great location to film at. The Australian crew is amazing. They have such a good vibe to be around.

They’re shooting a lot of films now in Perth in Western Australia. It was also wonderful to have the chance to work with different cultures. I love working abroad away from my country. It’s that opportunity to work in different cultures with different types of crews. It’s really nice to be around them, because they’re very nice, very excited on whatever they’re doing. I’ve learned a lot and it’s a lot of fun.

Latino-Review: What was the most important thing you’ve taken out of the Australian culture that you’ve absolutely, absolutely love?

Alice Braga: Oh, my God! They know how to drink. I’ve learned so much on how to drink with those people. [Laughter] They’re very powerful in their drinking. [Laughter]

Latino-Review: I thought South Americans are very powerful drinkers. I’ve been in South America

Alice Braga: We do! Until I went to Australia! [Laughter] Watch out! They’re powerful.

Latino-Review: [Laughter] What do you suppose was the biggest challenge or difficulty for you on this project?

Alice Braga: Finding that tone in the film since my character was the only one that wasn’t really into that greedy comedy type of vibe. The story all revolves around my character with the “killing.” It’s very different on what Teresa [Palmer], Sully [Stapleton] and Simon are playing. I find it was a challenge. I try not to overthink. So I tried to follow on what Kris had given to me and being in the moment.

Latino-Review: Can you tell me about your upcoming projects for yourself?

Alice Braga: Yeah, I did this film I mentioned earlier called,“By Way of Helena.” The name of the director is Kieran Darcy-Smith. He’s an Australian director, funny enough. It’s a period piece. I don’t know when it’s going to be released.

I shot a pilot for USA Network, which is currently in post-production and I need to go back for some voiceover.  The name is “Queen of the South” based on a Spanish book written by Arturo Perez-Reverte.

I’m currently reading a couple of scripts. There are still two films coming on in Brazil, which are independent small projects I’ve done. I’m nominated for a digital Emmy that I directed for YouTube about the Brazilian soccer player named Neymar Jr. I’m nominated with my friend who directed with me whose name is Felipe Braga. We have the same last name, but neither in the same family nor a cousin of mine.

So I’m still reading a couple of scripts and figuring out the next steps for this year. I’m still waiting to hear if the pilot will be picked up, because I would need to work on that and unable to film my other films. I’m still figuring out the rest of the year.

Latino-Review: Terrific. You sound so busy.

Alice Braga: [Laughter] Kind of. I love it! I just love working.

Latino-Review: One last question, now that you’re such an international star being in Brazil, United States and now Australia—where do you enjoy the best working around the world?

Alice Braga: It’s so hard [to answer that question]. Each place brings you something. I just filmed in Mexico and it’s been ten years that I haven’t been filming there. It was so much fun. That was something that still in my heart, because I just left there.

It’s hard to say. Once you’re at home, then you’re home. So it’s hard not to say Brazil. At the same time, once you’re shooting “I Am Legend” in New York inside a massive studio for a big production to run away from monsters—it was like being at Disneyland.

It’s a really, really good question. It’s hard to balance. Wherever I’m filming, I’m happy. I feel that a film site is the place I have the most love in the world no matter what. That’s what I love to do. I’m always happy when I’m filming. No matter where—I’ll be happy at that film [location].

Latino-Review: Just out of curiosity, where do you consider as home now?

Alice Braga: Los Angeles. I’ve moved to LA finally last year and renting a place here. Funny enough, I’ve just been traveling for the past six months. LA is now home. But, Brazil will always also consider home since I have an apartment there. That’s where I always go after I finish a project to visit family—mom, dad and my sister. LA is my home base now.

Latino-Review: It’s been a pleasure speaking with you. I want to wish you good luck on all of your projects and hopefully I get to talk to you again.

Alice Braga: Thank you so much. I hope to talk to you again for another project.

“Kill Me Three Times” is available as VOD and on iTunes today. It will have a limited theatrical run on April 10.

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