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Trust me, boys and girls, I wish I had something more exciting to show you. But seeing as how this is probably one of the most anticipated films in ever, I figured a little something is better than nothing. Courtesy of JoBlo, we now have our first look at the poster that’s going to adorning the walls of your local cinema once the full promotional push for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice gets under way.

A trusted source of their’s snapped this picture of the poster which reveals that WB/DC is going with reworked versions of previously released promo stills for Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman. Here, take a gander:

Yeah. I know.

But hey, it’ll be cool to walk into a theater and see this in-person, won’t it? It’ll make it somehow more real that this is all actually happening. The rumored teaser trailer attached to Mad Max: Fury Road would also do the trick.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will arrive on March 25, 2016, setting the stage for Justice League in 2017.