– by Nick Doll

There are a lot of questions surrounding Disney and Fox’s merger, including what happens to Fox’s television programming, especially considering Disney already owns their own network TV station in ABC.

Entertainment Weekly reports that for now, business will go on as usual for Fox Broadcasting Co., and in the end, the deal won’t “Disney-fy” their shows.

First, Chairman and CEO Dana Walden told reporters, “There is no plans to move Fox shows over to ABC.”

Though Fox TV Group Chairman Gary Newman showed excitement for the “new Fox” that will result from the merger, for the next 12 to 18 months not much will change for the network, just in case the deal does not go through. Newman says the network plans on making a similar amount of pilots as any other year, so business will continue as usual until a deal is finalized.

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And after Disney has control of Fox’s programming and content? Newman says there haven’t yet been creative decisions made about content, but he is confident Disney won’t “Disney-fy” their shows, saying:

“They were incredibly vocal to us about how much they liked our brand, how much they admired the programming. We have every expectation they are not acquiring Fox to somehow turn it into some form of a PG company, to ‘Disney-fy’ it. They will be encouraging of our content.”

Are you worried that Disney will “Disney-fy” any of your favorite Fox shows or film franchises after the merger? Let us know your thoughts and concerns in the comment section below!

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SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly