Logan Nabs Writers Guild Nomination

It’s no secret that awards organizations don’t exactly have the highest esteem for genre films. They especially don’t have an incredibly high esteem for comic book movies. The closest critics have gone to honoring one

Fox Executive Insists Disney Will Not “Disney-fy” Their TV Shows

There are a lot of questions surrounding Disney and Fox's merger, including what happens to Fox's television programming, especially considering Disney already owns their own network TV station in ABC. Entertainment Weekly reports that for

Fox Renews The Gifted For A Second Season

Though DC continues to dominate in the television wars with their so-called "Berlanti-Verse" on The CW -- including shows created by Greg Berlanti such as Arrow and The Flash -- Marvel continues to make a

Day of the Dead: Bloodline: Sophie Skelton On Starring In the George A. Romero Remake

The legacy of George A. Romero lives on. In the reimagining of George A. Romero’s cult classic, Day of the Dead: Bloodline is the remake tale of a former med student trying to survive a

Gal Gadot Shares Stories And Insights About Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot's rapid rise in fame over the past decade came to fruition in last year's epic Wonder Woman movie -- and she's as shocked by its success as anyone. Wonder Woman was not only

The CW’s Black Lightning Sets The Stakes In New Trailer

Jefferson Piece (aka Black Lightning) is one of DC Comics' elder statesman, a frequent Justice League member who's variously popped-up in animated shows and films, and even a few video games over the years, but

Geoff Johns Welcomes New Head Of DC Films

Earlier today, we shared that Walter Hamada, an executive from New Line Cinema who shepherded and oversaw projects like IT and The Conjuring, was hired to officially oversee the production of all upcoming DC films.

Jumanji Crosses $200 Million Domestically

When I first realized that Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle would be hitting the weekend after Star Wars: The Last Jedi hit theaters, I was convinced that someone over at Columbia Pictures would get fired

Two-Season Animaniacs Revival Coming To Hulu

TV revivals are kind of a thing. With shows like The X-Files, Will & Grace, Gilmore Girls, Full House all having revivals, and other shows like The Office and The West Wing at least having

A New Iteration Of Prison Break In The Works At Fox

Oh, goody, another version of Prison Break. If there are two series it seems that Fox can’t keep trying to milk, it’s 24 and Prison Break. Following its main run, 24 got a limited series