Game Of Theories: How The Fight For The Iron Throne Will All End!

So, I really considered not writing a Game of Theories piece this week with literally one more episode to go due to the fact I have been kind of disappointed by the speed of this season as opposed to the actual events. However, this is essentially the last time I will ever write one of these, so why the hell not, eh?

The Fate of Westeros

It’s all about the endgame now, and as far as we can tell from last week’s episode Dany Targaryen, or Mad Dany as we now call her has eliminated all possible opposition to her rule. The question I have is whether there is enough of King’s Landing left for her to actually rule from it?

If you have been following Game of Theories up till now, you know I am a supporter of the “nobody wins the throne” outcome. I predicted King’s Landing would be destroyed, though how it would be destroyed I have changed over recent weeks as the plot developed. It seemed pretty certain going into last week’s episode that if King’s Landing was destroyed, then it would be by Dany’s hand.

I still think the best possible outcome of the story is for them to be forced to come up with a better system, instead of the age old chase of the Iron Throne just swinging around again. Clearly, if Dany lives, then she will claim the title Queen and she will rule as one of the tyrants she claimed to want to get rid of. The only other person in a position to stop her is Jon Snow, AKA Aegon Targaryen, who actually is ahead of her by the laws of Westeros and should be King. But if there’s one things Game of Thrones has taught us, it’s that the throne will be taken by whoever has the will and the most support to take it. Jon doesn’t really have much support other than the North, Dany still has the Unsullied, (who seem to just keep growing in size depending on what the episode requires) and the Dothraki, along with everyone who was loyal to Cersei now either destroyed or too frightened to suddenly rebel.

The only possible outcome for me is the assassination of Dany, which I don’t think will go down well with her loyal armies. I believe they are trying to point us towards Arya Stark as the Assassin in next week’s episode, however, I really hope it is not Arya who does this. There’s just no drama in this being Arya. No, it has to be Jon Snow.

You Know Nothing, Jon Snow

The reason Jon Snow is the perfect candidate is because it goes against everything his character has been thus far. Jon has always been shown as someone with unshakeable honor and someone who would rather negotiate a peace than start a war where possible. Jon is also the one who bent the knee to Dany and essentially sealed the fate of the North under Dany’s tyrannical rule.

Jon is also the only person who can rightfully claim the title as his own and might get a bit of support when he does so. I’m not going to say how this happens, but I suspect Jon and Dany will have a confrontation in this week’s episode and Dany will try and excuse her behavior to Jon, whom she still claims to love. Jon will realize he cannot say anything that will change her mind and be left with the only option of killing someone he also claims to love to save everyone else from an awful fate.

Now, this does kinda tie in to the whole Azor Ahai prophecy and the Prince that was Promised, though, I think it’s clear in the show these are two different people. Arya seems to fit the Princess who was Promised more, because Jon is actually a King officially, not a Prince. However, the old Azor Ahai story had the old mythical hero stab a sword through the woman he loved Nissa Nissa to forge the great sword Lightbringer. This is all allegory for me and I can see Jon killing Dany as him effectively fulfilling his destiny and stopping the rule of a tyrannical dictator.

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Surely, though Dany’s guards etc would arrest him and be all set to execute him unless Jon’s loyalists rise up to defend him somehow, hmm?

Either way, I truly believe that unlike what people expect Jon will claim the throne for moments only to abdicate and give up the throne to someone who he believes would do a better job. What I hope is that instead of naming someone else king, he creates a council with all the major players left, to represent their interests communally, instead of constantly fighting for power. What would Jon do if this were the case? Honestly, I could see him heading back beyond the wall to meet up with Tormund the Wildlings and live his life out away from all the politics and complications his presence would ensure.

Who Is On This Council? Or Left Alive

I’ve already predicted where I see people at the end of the show and I haven’t really changed my mind, other than the fact I don’t think Arya will marry Gendry Baratheon. I do not see Tyrion being killed by the end, though I’m sure Dany will attempt to kill him, because if he does it means there are no Lannister’s left. I’ve always though there should be at least one Lannister survivor and since he is the last, it has to be him. Would really like to see him go North and be married to Sansa as I think they’d be wise together. Even if it was more of a political marriage really.

What about Bran, is that his story finished, he’s surely the best adviser to whoever is in charge, since he can literally see everything. I’ve heard some people theories that Bran would make the ideal King, but I actually disagree with that. Bran has no emotions, compassion or Anger, he doesn’t actually seem to care about the people that much, and admittedly spends most of his time in the past. As an adviser he is perfect, as a King, I just don’t see it, he already knocked back Winterfell because he isn’t really Bran Stark anymore. I do hope he has a something to do though as his powers seem to have been wasted a little this season.

I could see Davos surviving everything and being a voice of the common people, but then so is Gendry Baratheon who was also raised in Flea Bottom and was a lowly bastard until two episodes ago?

What about Grey Worm and all the Unsullied and Dothraki? Well, I cannot see there being another huge battle next week, it doesn’t make sense for the last ever episode, so I am really not sure what will happen to them, maybe they’ll be offered the chance to stay somewhere or head back to Essos where they came from?

Is This Like The Books Ending In Any Way?

Honestly, I could see the books ending with a similar fashion, Dany going mental and Jon having to kill her. I also suspect that there will be no one specific to sit on the Iron Throne in the books as well. I just think how they get there in the books will be a lot more fleshed out and believable.

For a start it seems unlikely that Cersei will be as powerful in the books, in fact, it’s likely King’s Landing will instead be ruled by someone claiming to be Aegon Targaryen, the first son of Rhaegal who was supposedly killed by The Mountain. That’s going to change the dynamic a great deal because he will likely be welcomed by the people as opposed to mad Cersei who blew up everyone in the Sept of Baelor.

I think the fight against the dead will be the ending in the same way that Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings was kinda ended with the defeat of Sauron. But Martin’s favorite chapter was always The Scouring of the Shire and I think this could be his ‘Scouring’, to have Dany go mad and Jon have to kill her and take the power out of her hands in the end.

We all knew this was not going to be a happy ending. In fact, Martin himself always said he preferred a bittersweet ending. The scenario I painted above I could see being bittersweet, though I am loathe to be too predictive of events based on the story so far as the writers have proved they are willing to trade in logic for shock value at this point. So if Arya just kills everyone next episode and becomes the new Night Queen, I’d be horrified, but in no way actually surprised.

What do you think is going to go down in Westeros as Game of Thrones signs off forever for the last time? Fire your predictions below like Dany burning the kids in Kings Landing and see what takes.

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