– by Seth McDonald

Ahh Mortal Kombat. I remember when my small little town received its first Mortal Kombat arcade machine, and along with my fellow gamers, my mind was blown. At the time the reigning champion of fighting games (at least among my town’s arcade crew), was Street Fighter II (It’s still a classic game that I love) but in komparison to Mortal Kombat now looked like the Disney version of a fighting game.

Street Fighter II’s cartoony graphics were abandoned for the digitized sprites of Mortal Kombat, that, and of kourse the ability to do stuff like tear your opponent’s head and spine out.

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Now here we are about to watch the launch trailer for Mortal Kombat 11. Watching the trailer has made me realize just how far the game has come. MK has had many changes and innovations over the years, even going to a 3D style format for Mortal Kombat 4. The lore and backstory has really expanded since the first game’s relatively simple storyline that felt kloser to a 70s Kung Fu movie, or even an 80s action film. The most important thing to remember is if Raiden shows up out of no where and wants to talk to you, the situation is bad, real bad.

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Source: GameSpot