Has The Majority Of The Plot For Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker Been Leaked?



This is a tricky article to navigate, because previously I have been against reposting any massive SPOILERS for Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker and I have heard a lot of things that we here at LRM have chosen not to report on thus far. But with the release of a plot summary over the weekend on Reddit by user JediPaxis, I think we have to at least discuss it, because everyone else is going to be spreading this everywhere by the end of this week.

What I won’t do here is post any of the details of these potential SPOILERS in the article itself, so do not fear spoilers unless you actually head to Reddit and read the plot summary for yourself, you can find that thread linked below.

But before you do go and have a look at this, thinking perhaps it’s another piece of simple fan fiction I would warn against that thought process. Whilst I cannot confirm or deny anything personally, as I have no source on this, I can say that much of this matches up with previous leaks, which do appear to be from solid sources.

Now, there are two ways to look at this I grant you, it is absolutely possible for someone to have taken the most likely leaks and constructed an imaginary plot from them. However, having regularly participated on this subreddit in the past, I can at least vouch for the fact that JediPaxis is normally very sceptical of other leaked reports and I personally feel that he or she at least believes this is genuine. We can also say that since this reveal, many of the known leakers with definite sources have come out and given some credence to this report. Not the full report of course, but there are definite elements that have been confirmed as matching their own information from the likes of MSW and other regular and respected leakers. A good example of this was a recent leak from MSW published after this Reddit post, which matched up very strongly with some of the elements discussed here.

It is also worth noting that the plot of The Last Jedi was also online around the same time before the movie’s release, it was just that no one actually believed those reports as being genuine until the movie was released and it was proven accurate.

All in all, If I was to make a judgement on the accuracy of this information, I would be placing this in the ‘highly likely’ category, and I have read every supposed leak for this movie so far. This report weirdly also backs up some previously dismissed reports that just didn’t have any legitimacy and were therefore not given much room to breathe. So, I would only view this information if you are 100% sure you don’t mind getting serious spoilers for the next Star Wars movie.

The MacGuffin, the role of Leia, the arc of Kylo Ren and Rey, the role of Palpatine (not how he comes back), Rey’s parentage, and the finale of the movie itself are all covered here. Again, I must say that a previous trusted leak about the ending of this movie, whilst having less detail, does match up with what is here. So that alone deserves an element of caution. But with all that said up front, here is the link to the Reddit thread if you are sure you don’t mind having a look.

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I would also say that there are some huge gaps in this report which may result in a lack of context for how these events happen and why. A good example of this is that two alternate sources could be saying roughly the same thing, but the minor details are altered and that becomes harder to resolve. Though the report may be missing a lot of key information (no one seems to know how and why Palpatine has returned for example), I would say this is likely a very good summary of the plot for The Rise of Skywalker.

Assume the comments section is going to be full of SPOILERS and make sure you stay away from it, if you decide not to read the information. Otherwise, knock yourself out, and I will also be openly discussing my thoughts there.

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SOURCE: JediPaxis (via Reddit)

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