Deadpool’s Morena Baccarin Unsure If She’d Want Vanessa To Turn Into Copycat

While we live in a world of shared universes, there are some movie franchises that mostly seem to work because of their ability to focus wholly on the main character. For me, there is no

Is Joker A Dangerous Film? Venice Film Festival Director Doesn’t Think So

The idea of media potentially inciting violence isn’t a new one. Politicians have been blaming real-world violence on movies for decades, and in more recent ones, have also turned to the likes of video games

New Joker Film Has Another Fitting Inspiration That Brings The Character Full Circle

Joker the character has had a storied history at DC. There have been countless interpretations of the character with as many versions one can imagine. However, through it all, there have been some consistencies, largely

Review: Ballers Season Five – “Must Be The Shoes”

Another Sunday, another look into the lives of the players inside the world of HBO's Ballers. A word filled with deals, fame, fortune, and failure. In last week's season premiere, Spencer (Dwayne Johnson) made the

Spider-Man: Far From Home Has 156% Bump Thanks To Rerelease

Spider-Man: Far From Home recently had an extended cut hit theaters. As advertised, the film had roughly four minutes of extra footage weaved into the story, which consisted of Peter Parker’s to-do list before heading

Bloodshot Trailer Likely Coming October Or Earlier

While the majority of films may be focused on the likes of more standard Marvel and DC fare, we can’t forget all the other wonderful stories that exist outside of the two titans of publishing.

Joker: Venice Film Festival Director Thinks Film Will Be In Running For Oscars

Ever since it was first announced, Joker is a film us movie geeks have been looking at with another eye toward the Oscars. As Heath Ledger proved over a decade ago, this was a character

IT: Chapter Two Posters Shows Leads And Their Child counterparts

Back in 2017, audiences were not only taken by the horrific, yet heartfelt take on IT: Chapter One, but by the young cast who took on the roles. Not only did they fully capture the

Joker: Joaquin Phoenix Lost 52 Pounds To Play the Role, And Avoided Giving Joker A Mental Diagnosis

Whenever people think of extreme measures actors take to inhabit their roles, chances are they think of the likes of Christian Bale, who famously loses and gains tens of pounds in order to take on

Has The Majority Of The Plot For Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker Been Leaked?

***NO SPOILERS IN ACTUAL ARTICLE - LINK TO SPOILERS PRESENT***   This is a tricky article to navigate, because previously I have been against reposting any massive SPOILERS for Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker