– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Oh, dear God, please yes. Please make this happen.

Last year, we saw the first (and perhaps only) film in Universal’s Dark Universe hit theaters. Starring Tom Cruise, The Mummy seemed to have all the makings for a solid action movie…but was it something that would actually work for a film series based on horror icons? Sadly, the answer was a resounding no, with it doing well as neither a horror film or an action film. Now, as far as we know, the Dark Universe is an abandoned concept that is now nothing more than a black eye on the studio.

But is there a better way to make this happen? Many film fans out there — myself included — have expressed their desire to see Universal take a more low-key approach to this universe. Horror is, after all, a franchise that’s at its best on a low budget, so why turn them into big $150 million tentpoles when that’s not exactly best for their source material?

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Blumhouse Productions was a studio I wanted to see them model themselves after. Take in high concepts, make them or $5-$10 million apiece with a solid script, and see the money come pouring in. Perhaps when the eventual team-up film hit, you can spring for $50-$80 million, but no one wants to see the horror sucked out of these guys. But would they actually take that approach?

While this is far from an official confirmation, when asked on Twitter if he’d take on the Dark Universe if given the opportunity, Blumhouse founder Jason Blum answered with a resounding “Yes!!!!”

You hear that, Universal? Go ahead and make this happen. The investment will be small and the potential dividends will be HUGE. Sure, they may not be MCU big, but this was never the franchise to make that happen, as you’ve proven over the past decade. I think you hit your blockbuster stride with those Brendan Fraser movies 20 years ago.

Would you like to see Universal hire Jason Blum to take on the Dark Universe? Let us know down below!

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SOURCE: Jason Blum

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