How The Russos Described Red Skull In Avengers: Infinity War And Endgame

Red Skull in Avengers

What kind of advice did the Russo Bros. give Ross Marquand to play Red Skull in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame? Read on for more details.

Avengers: Infinity War had a lot of suprises. Red Skull showing up for the first time since Captain America: The First Avenger was definitley one of the biggest. Audiences were heard visibly questioning whether that was Red Skull in theaters. Audiences then came out of theaters wondering if Hugo Weaving had come back to play Red Skull.  Only then did I notice it was not Hugo Weaving, but Richard Marquand who played the character, because I had looked it up.

The version of Red Skull was so different from the version we saw originally in the MCU. Ross Marquand recently spoke about the guidance given to him by the Russos. The directors of course were there on set shooting Marquand’s scenes, so what instructions did they give the actor?

“The Russo Bros. came to me and said we want you to take Hugo’s Red Skull and infuse him with a bit of Yoda. He’s a wise soul, he’s 84 years older, and he’s also an apparition.” Marquand said of his character Red Skull. The actor spoke to Nerds4Life recently. “He’s kind of a ghost at this point.”

Marquand then went on to decribe how Red Skull has chnaged since we saw him in that first Captain America Film

“He’s no longer the diabolical, ambitious man that we know him as in 1944. He’s a complicated anti-hero. I thought that was such a fun take on him, because he’s just so broken — he’s a cursed man, and I love playing that.”

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I definitely appreciated this take on Red Skull, and would be happy to see Marquand reprise the role further down the line. I even have a great idea for it. Red Skull is still, whatever he is, but alive in the MCU. The Soul Stone is destroyed in the main timeline, but not the timeline where Natasha was sacrificed for it, that one was placed back later by Steve Rogers. One assumes Cap took it back before carrying on with his life in an alternate reality, as he said he would. I would dearly love to see that meeting between Captain America and Red Skull, but leave it for later.

Could Red Skull Come Back?

Since Endgame I’ve always said I’d love to see Marvel do an Old Cap movie, but not for a long time. Wait 10 more years, or more, until Chris Evans looks suitably older. Marvel could structure a film around that meeting between Cap and Red Skull on Vormir. Perhaps Red Skull envies Cap retiring to a quiet life? Red Skull goes looking for Cap in that reality and the old man has to come out of retirement to stop him, some time in the 50’s or 60’s? Sounds like fun to me, and would give us Evans back once more without effecting the MCU as a whole.

I’m not saying that has to be how it goes down. Red Skull could still come back as credible threat to the Avengers. In the ‘prime’ MCU timeline, the Soul Stone is no longer on Vormir. Thanos destroyed the Infinity Stones in this timeline, so what purpose does Red Skull now have?

What do you think of Red Skull in Infinity War and Endgame? Like me would you like to see Marquand back as Red Skull in the MCU? Let us know what you think in the usual spot below.

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SOURCE: Nerds4Life

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