– by Seth McDonald

With all the talk of Hulk, talking more in Thor: Ragnarok, many wonder who provided the voice for the full sentence forming superhero. In the past, a big deal was made of the fact that Lou Ferrigno, who played the Hulk in the old TV series, provided the voice. Sadly, it looks like that’s no longer the case.

Mark Ruffalo, who plays Bruce Banner and does a lot of the motion capture for Hulk, recently spoke with Yahoo! on who is behind Hulk’s voice.

“When Hulk is speaking, that’s me. That’s me on the day, in my motion capture suit, and they’re capturing my voice.”

With the technology available today, this isn’t surprising, why bring in another actor when Ruffalo could provide the voice and the crew can alter it in post-production. Ruffalo also talked Lou Ferrigno being the inspiration for Hulk’s voice, and how much of the motion capture is he performs himself.

“That’s who I watched playing the Hulk growing up. It’s definitely a nod to you, Lou. You influenced that. I tried to do it all, the stuff I’m physically capable of. I can’t jump through the air like [him]!”

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As mentioned above, Ferrigno was the original live action Hulk, starring in the 70s television show, so it’s nice to see Ruffalo using him as a source of inspiration for the modern day Hulk, even if he isn’t the voice of Hulk himself. For those fans who haven’t been won over by Hulk up to this point, his talkative turn in Thor: Ragnarok, will surely win over the remaining hold outs. The level of comedy in Thor: Ragnarok is off the charts in comparison the the franchise’s previous installments, and Hulk’s new wordiness is sure to be a big part of that.

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Source: Yahoo!