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Indiana Jones 5 Speculation

Are you up for some Indiana Jones 5 speculation on this week’s edition of Free Talk Friday? Then stick with me a little longer. There’s no spoilers here, this is all pure speculation based on the official news and one latest rumor. Yesterday a report came out from The Illuminerdi which shed some light on Mads Mikkelsen’s role in Indy 5. You can find our coverage of that story below in the related section.

However, the crux is that Mikkelsen’s character is ex-Nazi who was recruited by the U.S. as part of Operation Paperclip to work on the Moon landing mission. Initially I wondered where this could go that would be more in line with Indy’s usual religious artefacts schtick. Then, last night discussing this privately, Nick Doll and I started to get wild with speculation. So here is our mad ramblings on where things could go in Indiana Jones 5.

Indiana Jones and the Spear of Destiny

Nick pointed out that most of the early version of scripts for Indy 4 had Nazi’s hiding in South America. However, it was Steven Spielberg who was against the idea of using Nazi’s again in an Indiana Jones movie. Of course, Spielberg is not directing Indiana Jones 5, so there is no reason James Mangold would have to stay away form a plot line like that. Both Nick and I agreed that having Jones go up against aliens again in any way would be a bad idea for the movie. So if Mikkelsen is the real villain hiding in plain sight, legally in America, what is the MacGuffin?

What about the Spear of Destiny? The spear which supposedly gave the killing blow to Jesus of Nazareth. Now, remember in the Indy Universe , religion/theism isn’t faith, but fact. Both the Ark, and the Grail had magical biblical powers, and that would mean in this Universe, so would the Spear of Destiny which Hitler really did go looking for in the early days of the Nazi regime. I pointed out that I always loved this idea for a movie set during WWII. However, with this movie going to be set in the 60’s I was less sure how much sense it would make. Nick had a solution though.

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What if we saw a de-aged Ford in the opening scene stealing the Spear from the Nazi’s in the War? Mikkelsen’s character could be someone who is a true Nazi and believes the only reason the Axis lost the War was because Jones stole the Spear. Mikkelsen could be using Jones, who stashed it somewhere to try and bring back the Nazi’s somehow and reverse the course of history. After all, the myth around the Spear is that any army in possession of it is unbeatable. I loved this idea because you could wind this plot around the way things began to go badly for Hitler as the War progressed. I.e. it was going great until Indy stole the Spear.

The Final Word

Again, this is pure speculation and mostly us just making up our own plot here, but in my opinion this idea could work. It would give us two things I felt missing from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. This being, a proper MacGuffin, and Nazi baddies. Despite what Spielberg says, Nazi’s are still the best bad guys in History, no one likes them. Well, no one that’s got half a brain. As was proved in Kung Fury, you want a good bad guy, use Hitler, the real life Emperor Palpatine.

Is this the only possible plot for Indy 5 based on this new rumor? No, of course not, but the point I think I’m making is that fans jumping to space and alien conclusions form this latest rumor are reaching. It’s plausible either way and that just shows you how little we actually know about the plot here. Without knowing the MacGuffin, we can’t understand the plot of Indiana Jones 5, yet.

What do you think of all this Indiana Jones 5 speculation? Would you like to see the Spear of Destiny being that MacGuffin or not? As always, leave any thoughts below and thanks for reading.

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