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Indiana Jones

Free Talk Friday is back after missing last week due to, some reason I cannot recall. This week I want to talk about Indiana Jones and the fake leaks and inaccuracies that I am seeing crop up. This won’t be too lengthy for once, so if you are usual a TLDR kinda person, you should be ok.

Real Information

I won’t get too much into what could be considered potential SPOILERS here for those who are averse. However we have been reporting on all the accurate leaks and set images from Indiana Jones 5 and we already know a few details. However, none of these details really clue us in to what the ultimate plot of Indiana Jones 5 will be. We think we know how the prologue, which will be a flashback will go, based on set leaks. There are also a few rumors around Mads Mikkelsen’s villainous role as a former Nazi now living in the States and working for NASA. I don’t want to get any more specific on the flashback stuff here, but you can find that information in one of the related links posted below.

That’s about as far as we go with knowledge of Indy 5 so far folks, nothing else! And Yet, with a little real information comes the inevitable wave of made up BS to try and farm clicks, karma, online cred or just plain sexual gratification.

Fake News

Yesterday saw a lot of outlets along with fan sites and YouTube presenters suddenly claiming to know the title of the new movie. Apparently Indiana Jones 5 would be called Indiana Jones and the Empire of Evil. There were even shots, some of which seemed to show Mikkelsen in a Nazi uniform, though all pre-production art. The shots also had images of what appear to be Nazi flying saucers, and this is where things started to look sus. Honestly, by the time I had caught hold of this, the community had already established it was fake.

Essentially, what someone did, was take the genuine set leaks, with the rumored Mikkelsen details and created a plot. They then furnished their fakery with images which would fit their plot and gave it a title. That’s all that happened. Yet, many outlets did not pick up on the fact this was fake and ran with it, oops. It happens, but I thought I’d at least put it out there in case you come across this elsewhere.

I will never understand the people who fake leaks for attention. It happens on every major movie though and I suppose I have become accustomed to spotting them a mile off by now. It’s just sad, and confuses many fans who don’t quite know how this fakery all works.

Bad Reporting

Being caught out by a fake story is not bad reporting. It’s simply either naivety, or a lesson to learn along the way. What is bad reporting so taking the genuine information we know, (partially detailed above) and making up your own plot around it. I won’t mention the name here, but I saw one outlet running this as something it’s not. This outlet claimed that Indiana Jones 5 will allow Ford to play both the old Uni lecturer and the young action hero by having several flashbacks. Frankly that is BS, no one knows that. We know for a fact that what some of what they have shot is set in WW2 and will be a flashback. However, most fans expect this will simply be the prologue of the movie and current aged Ford will be in the rest.

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Truth is we don’t know for sure, and if this outlet had some inside knowledge, then fine, but they don’t. All they had was the same pieces of information that we have reported on ourselves and anything else is pure speculation. That is bad reporting. You have to make it clear what is fact and what is speculation. I love speculation, it’s the reason I’m here in the first place. But make it clear when you are speculating and not.

Rant over. However just be aware as these things have a way of getting recycled and believed by a lot of fans. Trust me, if any Indy news hits that’s legit LRM are on it. We have several mega Indy fans in our ranks who are literally scouring for any news they can get 24 hours a day (in shifts).

I hope you have enjoyed reading this Indiana Jones infused Free Talk Friday. As always, leave any thoughts you have below.

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