– by Campbell Clark

Just how long can the Marvel Cinematic Universe go on for? There have been reports directly from Marvel mastermind Kevin Feige about him having meetings discussing the next 10 years. We have heard rumor of Marvel planning to get into the whole Young Avengers content in the future, and we know that the bigger a character becomes, the more expensive the actor fees are. The MCU in 10 years’ time could be a vastly different thing from what we see today, that’s for sure.

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Stick with me on this one, folks, as I am pulling information from multiple sources here. The question asked in the headline was ‘Is Cassie Lang set to become superhero Stature in the future of the MCU?’ Let’s try to answer that question, shall we?

We will start with the comic source material, where Cassie Lang, the daughter of Scott Lang i.e. the second Ant-Man follows in her father’s footsteps and becomes the superhero Stature. Stature has basically the same skill set as Ant-Man. So how does this relate to the cinematic universe exactly?

First of all, we have a rumor that the part of Cassie Lang has been recast for Avengers 4. Now let’s take that with a grain of salt because it’s firmly in rumor territory right now. That Hashtag Show claimed that 16-year old actress Emma Fuhrmann had been cast as an older version of Cassie Lang for Avengers 4. However, as of yet, there is nothing official about this casting rumor.

Then, we have Kevin Feige being asked by The Playlist whether Cassie Lang becomes superhero Stature in the future as this is what happens in the comics. Feige paused before replying.

“That is what happens in the comics. [laughs]”

Now it doesn’t end there, folks, there’s more. At the red carpet event for the premiere of Ant-Man and the Wasp, the young actress who currently plays Cassie Lang (Abby Ryder Fortson) was interviewed by Marvel themselves and she said.

“ I think in this movie she really shows that she’s really interested in becoming a superhero. In the last movie, she doesn’t really wrap her head around it, so in this movie, she really wants to fight with her dad.”

Fortson was then asked who she would become? The actress replied.


So there you have it fellow fans, it would be illogical at this point to not be convinced this is part of Marvel’s future plans. Would you like to see the MCU evolve into a new generation of heroes further down the line? Will we still be seeing our favorite characters with brand new, younger actors as the MCU goes forward? Share any thoughts you have in the usual place down below.

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