Kevin Feige Says More Diverse MCU Stories On The Way

For ten years now, Marvel Studios has been pumping out entertaining superhero stories through its cinematic universe. Stories of enhanced beings, masked vigilantes and common folk doing extraordinary acts in the name of helping either

First Glimpse: Kristen Wiig In Wonder Woman 1984

This writer, as were many others, was surprised to hear of the casting choice for Diana Prince's next villain in the sequel to 2017's Wonder Woman. It definitely takes a different step and (possibly) tone

Kevin Smith Debunks Speculation That He Is Directing A Star Wars or Marvel Film

It was recently reported that director Kevin Smith met with Disney. The news sent nerds around the interwebs into a frenzy speculating on what the meeting could have been about, with most of us hoping

Ron Howard Doesn’t Believe The Rumors About The Star Wars Stand-Alone Films

Lately we have all heard rumors of issues over at Lucasfilm. One being a rumor that was reported by many outlets that a hold had been put on all Star Wars stand-alone films. A day

Department of Justice Approves Disney Bid, But There’s A Catch

The deal between Disney and Fox has moved one step closer to being finalized as the Department of Justice has approved Disney's bid to acquire Fox properties, but Disney must sell off the 22 sports

Kevin Feige’s Advice For The DCEU

Kevin Feige has helped to build a shared universe that has become the gold standard by which all other shared universes will be measured. In a recent interview with ScreenRant, the man behind Marvel gave

BREAKING: Jared Leto To Star As Morbius The Living Vampire In Sony Spinoff Film

  According to Deadline, Jared Leto is set to the character Morbius in a Sony spinoff of the Spider-Man Universe. Leto, who already plays one of the most popular comic book characters of all time

Todd McFarlane Hopes For An Eventual Spawn/Venom Crossover

With a Spawn reboot set for release next year, and a Venom film being released later this year, the man who contributed to creating both characters, artist Todd McFarlane, hopes one day fans will get a

Simon Pegg Says It’s Only A Matter Of Time Before He Works With Edgar Wright Again

The team of Simon Pegg and director Edgar Wright have brought moviegoers some excellent films over that last decade plus. From comedic zombie apocalypses in Shaun of the Dead, to my personal favorite, the odd couple,

Pierce Brosnan Would Like To See Tom Hardy Play James Bond

While Daniel Craig will portray the MI6 Agent James Bond at least one more time in the upcoming and untitled Bond 25, a former 007, actor Pierce Brosnan has made his choice for the next