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Edge of Tomorrow was a surprising and fun sci-fi movie with monsters and super-soldiers that (in an odd twist) didn’t care a whole lot about its monsters. Released in 2014, and starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, this was hardcore sci-fi in the vein of James Cameron’s Aliens and… well, Aliens.

The movie did just enough box office to cover its massive $178 million budget to warrant a sequel. Someday. Well folks, someday is almost here. Maybe. Director Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity) is talking about the sequel, Live Die Repeat and Repeat, which is inching toward a production date.

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Liman appeared at WonderCon to talk about a bunch of stuff, including the status of his Edge of Tomorrow follow-up (via Collider):

“We have an amazing story, and we’re just figuring out if it’s actually feasible to do. I’m hoping we’ll know soon. I think we’ll know very soon, if we can do it or not.”

As noted above, the first film was very expensive and struggled to break even. Other recent big-budget, sci-fi films have fallen into this same trap too (Blade Runner 2049, Valerian, Pacific Rim Uprising). Hollywood loves sci-fi, but audiences tend to favor action over brains, and Edge of Tomorrow was too much the latter and not enough the former, apparently. So Liman’s comments about “hoping we’ll know soon,” are almost certainly more budget- and style-related than technology-constrained.

On a more positive note, Liman describes a little of the story-making process:

“I’m working with Jez Butterworth [on the script], right now. He’s an amazing playwright. He wrote Jerusalem, and he has The Ferryman going on, right now, in London. He did the rewrites on Mr. & Mrs. Smith. He wrote Fair Game. He’s done Sam Mendes’ James Bond films. He’s a genius.”

Butterworth (along with Christopher McQuarrie) wrote Edge of Tomorrow‘s original script, but only the former returned for the sequel. Butterworth’s writing career is interesting, he wrote the well-regarded crime-thriller Black Mass, but also the less-well-regarded Bond film Spectre (your preferences may vary) — so he gets tension and action and dark humor, all of which were present in Edge of Tomorrow (hopefully he’ll add a wee bit more humor in the sequel, as it was a rather dreary film).

Live Die Repeat and Repeat doesn’t have a release date yet (nor a production start either). However, there’s enough studio-fan-media interest for a Liman-Cruise-Blunt reunion to keep the momentum for this sequel moving forward. Maybe.

Where do you stand on a sequel to Edge of Tomorrow? Let us know in the comments down below!

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SOURCE: Collider

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