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Is Verin Cast In Wheel Of Time Season 2? Casting Rumors | Barside Buzz

Is Verin Cast In Wheel Of Time Season 2? Casting Rumors | Barside Buzz

Is Verin cast in Wheel of Time Season 2? Laura Crowhurst cast for Season 2, plus more casting rumors in this latest Barside Buzz. The reports comes from Redanian Intelligence, who have a great hit rate with casting for these big fantasy shows. Now the outlet doesn’t know who is playing Verin, yet. This is just a guess on their part and I personally would find it a fantastic choice myself. However the report only states that Laura Crowhurst, a British TV actress has been cast for Season 2. There are other casting rumors named, and I’ll get to those below as they are a few days older already.

If the show follows the books then Season 2 should be where we expect to see a certain Aes Sedai called Verin show up for the first time. Book readers will know exactly who Verin is and the key role she plays at times in the series. As for non-book readers coming to the show for the first time? All I can say is that this character is one that turns up here and there and is an Aes Sedai from the Brown Ajah. You don’t need to know any more yet at this point in the story.

No one can say for certain exactly what Verin looked like. However personally in my head I definitely imagine a woman very similar to how Laura looks in one of her TV roles (Doctors) above. Does that mean Crowhurst is playing Verin? Not at all, but if she was, I’d be a happy and it appears so would the outlet who broke her casting.

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As said there are some other casting rumors for The Wheel of Time in the same article but from a few days earlier. These actors do have characters attached to them according to the outlet and none are particularly large roles. Whereas Verin is something more of a secondary, supporting role in that she’s not always around, but when she is she interacts with main characters.

Game of Thrones actor Will Tudor is reportedly playing Barthanes Damodred. Barthanes is a noble from Cairhen and also an actual blood relative of Moiriane. Barthanes is adept is playing Daes Dae’Mar, otherwise known as the Game of Houses. Oh, reminder this was written before Martin’s Game of Thrones folks and the authors were friends. In addition to Tudor the outlet also reports that Haruka Kuroda (Killing Eve) will play one of the Aunt’s of Min Farshaw. Min is a big role, but not a character we have yet met within the first three episodes of Wheel of Time. Min’s Aunt’s however are not a big role at all in the books. As for the final one I will let the outlet speak for themselves.

Our final name on the list is young graduate actress Natasha J. Murley, who has already finished filming her part on the second season. At the time of writing, we have no information about her role, but we’ll keep you updated if we hear more.

So, is Verin cast in Wheel of Time Season 2? We don’t know, but this would be a cool piece of casting. As for the other casting rumors or anything else about the show or the Barside Buzz, leave it below.

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