– by Anthony Esteves

With his first solo run as the Aquatic Ace in the upcoming DC film Aquaman just a few weeks away, actor Jason Momoa is in full press tour mode. From interviews to some social media fun, Momoa is doing his part to promote the film. Just added to his schedule, Momoa will be hosting Saturday Night Live this week.

Typically when an actor or entertainer is set to host SNL, they take part in short 15 to 30-second commercials during the week. However, in the case of Momoa, they decided to take a different approach. Something a bit more epic. Therefore, Momoa’s promo features the star attempting to fill in as a page at Rockefeller Center. When he comes across a difficult question over the phone, Momoa stops at nothing to find the right answer. A punch thrown here, a kick landed there, an erotic dance to get past alarm sensors and a quick flash of his shoulders and biceps helps get Momoa to find the correct response to the person waiting on the line.

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While Rotten Tomatoes has yet to release a score, Aquaman has been receiving some positive buzz as the film’s premiere approaches. Directed by James Wan (SawThe ConjuringFurious 7), the film definitely has a talented visionary leading the way. While the moviegoing audience must wait until the film’s opening, they can at least enjoy the comedic antics of Momoa and the entire SNL this Saturday on NBC.

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Source: YouTube.