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*If you are not completely caught up on Supernatural this post contains spoilers*

With the Winchester brothers set to return for a thirteenth season, The man who started them on their path of monster hunting wants to make a return to the long running show. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the actor who played Sam and Dean’s father, John Winchester, spoke at a Supernatural fan convention in New Jersey and expressed his desire to reunite with the boys.

“We talk about it all the time and I’ve been saying it for years because it’s Supernatural and you can come back, as proven by every actor that’s ever been on the show. I certainly hope that at some point not only will John return in some capacity. But I think that Sam and Dean need to have some closure with this guy and I think that John would like the opportunity to have some closure, and I think you, the audience, deserves it.”

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Morgan is absolutely right, people come back to life all the time in Supernatural, it’s a big part of the show, and it is strange John Winchester hasn’t been one of them. Not that I minded Mary Winchester being brought on the show, but bringing back the boys father makes more sense to me. This is some much needed fan service the show needs to provide. Perhaps John could have a purpose in coming back to help rescue his wife Mary, who is currently stuck in the alternate earth world. Fans would finally have a big happy Winchester family all back together again. Aside from an appearance at the end of Season 2 and a voice over during the third season, John Winchester hasn’t been seen on the show since the Season 2 premiere.

I have seen all seasons of the show and closure for Sam, Dean, and John does seem to be long overdue, definitely some unfinished business there. As time went on I think fans just accepted it wasn’t going to happen, that John had served his purpose on the show, and wasn’t coming back. It is hard to believe that over 13 seasons no one in the writers room said, “Hey lets bring John back this season,” perhaps that did happen at some point and they decided against it.

The wayward sons carry on October 12.

Would you like to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan return to Supernatural as John Winchester? Let us know in the comments down below!

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  • Weresmurf

    When Jeffrey Dean Morgan asks to return to this show that went off the goddamn rails without his presence… YOU LET HIM.

    • Kindofabigdeal

      It’s not jumping the shark if you never come down.

      • Weresmurf

        They rigged that shark with turbo rockets years back…


      My words cannot express how deeply I agree with you I’m not much of a fan boy when it comes to any show and just about any actor, but… When it comes to Jeffrey Dean Morgan ‘The Papa Winchester’ you better believe I want to see that guy back on the show, even if it’s just for a minute!

  • Only if he comes with the bat

    • Weresmurf

      Dead already carried it into their sanctuary… he should find it, pick it up, then whack someone.

  • Kindofabigdeal

    It would be cool to see the 4 Winchesters sitting down to dinner in awkwardness because none of them know how to do it anymore.

  • Psychotic Bitch With a Knife

    He’s a great actor. I’d like to see him return