– by Seth McDonald

A well-made video from a clever fan of both The Office and A Quiet Place has mashed up the two worlds. The video, titled “A Dwight Place”, blends Dunder-Mifflin employees into the world of the new film that was directed by John Krasinski, who played Jim Halpert on The Office for nine seasons. For me, the best part of the video was that Dwight Schrute’s weird cousin, Mose (played by Michael Schur, who wrote some of the best episodes of The Office), took over as the part of the monster. Videos like this are one thing that makes the internet great, you can check it out above.

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I think it is at least arguable that finding Mose in the middle of an outhouse visit is just as scary as the monsters in A Quiet Place.

The last few years, John Krasinski has shown he can be much more than just a comedic actor, taking a role in the war film 13 Hours, as well as lending his directing talents to A Quiet Place. Lately, there have been talks of Krasinski, and his wife, Emily Blunt getting involved in the Fantastic Four franchise, something I would like to see happen.

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Source: Media Muse