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Spoilers are a huge deal in the movie world. While some fans eat them up with no regret, most of us, try to avoid spoilers if at all possible. Believe it or not, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom co-writer, Colin Trevorrow (who also directed the first Jurassic World), wasn’t happy about two scenes from the film that made it in to the promotional material. In a recent interview with i09 Trevorrow discussed the relationship between filmmakers and the people who promote the film.

“It was very frustrating for me. That’s a relationship that we have with marketing [and] there are a lot of different needs. I try to be very lucid and rational about it, [but] to speak frankly, there is a very, very small percentage of people who watch all the trailers. The rest of the world might only see one.”

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The scenes Trevorrow is  referring to are the clips of the mosasaurus chasing the surfers and an exchange of roars between a T-Rex and a lion. Trevorrow goes on to discuss how he thinks the franchise is always having to prove itself to audiences, and that’s likely why the marketing team chose to use those images.

“Which, actually, is great. It stops us from resting on our laurels or just assuming the audience is going to show up. The downside is it feels like marketing is constantly feeling the need to make the case. I would definitely have preferred those images not be seen, but, if you haven’t watched the trailers, just go see the film.”

Trevorrow is correct that the majority of the movie going public see a trailer for a film here an there, but only folks like us know when a trailer is going to drop, and plan to consume every piece of promotional material we can find. While the scenes mentioned by Trevorrow aren’t big time spoilers as far as the plot of the film, they are cool little additions that most want to experience for the first time while in theaters.

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Source: io9