– by Seth McDonald

When Iron Man rocketed on the screen back in 2008, comic book fans got their first taste of the new Marvel Cinematic Universe and the initial vision of Marvel studio president Kevin Feige.

The MCU has since vastly expanded, with Feige meticulously implementing each phase to the overwhelming approval of fans. Beginning with Iron Man and bringing in the remaining Avengers one by one, Marvel set a new standard in the superhero genre and the mastermind behind it, Feige, has built what is undoubtedly the largest and most cohesive extended cinematic universe to date.

It has now been 10 years, and the plans Fiege laid out long ago have now went on to bring in over $11 billion at the worldwide box office. In a recent interview with the man himself, Coming Soon asked Feige to reflect over the last decade.

“It sort of blows my mind when I think about that. We’ll have 20 films in ten years.”

Feige credited the MCU’s success with following a set goal while still allowing for new and innovative ideas to develop as part of the creative process in order to achieve that goal.

“We never want to be so rigid in a structure that we don’t allow ourselves to do fun, new, unexpected things that can happen along the way. I’d say it’s a pretty healthy combination of both.”

Feige went on to explain how important it is for a company like Marvel to be in charge of their own movies.

“We started out being very excited that we were finally able to be the people creatively responsible for a Marvel film ourselves and do them in the way that our instincts sort of called for us to do them. That has remained unchanged.”

Having mapped out another decade’s worth of Super hero movies, there seems to be no end in sight for the Marvel movie machine. Now, if only DC could get fully on track, we would again be able to hope for a Justice League vs Avengers trilogy.

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SOURCE: Coming Soon