– by Seth McDonald

While we are on the verge of San Diego Comic-Con, where us fans are sure to get some nerdy goodness in the form of trailers and other promotional material, today we receive an early treat in some fottage from DC’s Shazam! Twitter user Asher posted two clips that are being used to promote the film in the Ukraine. While the quality of the videos aren’t the best, hopefully higher quality version will soon be able for viewing.

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The first clip shows Zachary Levi as Shazam paying homage to Tom Hanks in the classic 80s film Big. It’s also possible this clip was from an outtake, but considering the theme of the film, a some fun such as this seems likely. It appears as if Shazam’s cape is going to be CGI as was  Superman’s.

The second clip shows more action, we don’t really get to stay in the scenes too long, but we do get our first taste of the film. We see Shazam throw a punch at who appears to be Dr. Thaddeus Sirvana, played by Mark Strong.

I think Shazam! is going to be the new darling of the DC extended universe, how do I know this for sure? Well, I don’t, I just have a feeling, and this footage, even though it’s not much to go on, only strengthens those feelings.

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Source: Asher