Character List For DC’s Birds Of Prey

According to TheWrap, the characters for DC's upcoming Birds of Prey film have been confirmed. Black Canary, Huntress, Cassandra Cain,  Renee Montoya (this spot was previously thought to be given to Lady Shiva), and of

Shazam! – New Official Image Shows Shazam And Freddy Freeman

While it hasn't been made official, there have been rumors of the trailer for DC's Shazam! dropping this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con. Earlier today we were treated to some low quality leaked footage that

Bill And Ted Face The Music May Be In Trouble

Not long ago we received word that the long gestating Bill and Ted 3, currently titled Bill and Ted Face The Music, was an official go. Unfortunately that may no longer be the case as the

Leaked Footage Shows Zachary Levi’s Shazam in Action

While we are on the verge of San Diego Comic-Con, where us fans are sure to get some nerdy goodness in the form of trailers and other promotional material, today we receive an early treat

Bruce Willis Says Die Hard Isn’t A Christmas Movie

The movie that spawned the modern action flick, Die Hard, has always been thought of by many fans as a Christmas movie, not only that but it is many fans' favorite Christmas movie. The film's star,

Christopher Lloyd would “Be Delighted” To Be A Part of Back To The Future 4, Should It Ever Happen

With nostalgia being popular these days, nothing has really been off limits. One franchise that remains untouched is Back to the Future. Heavily loved throughout nerd culture the time-travelling franchise's return yet to be seen.

Michael Jai White Talks The Dark Knight As The 10th Anniversary Looms

Here comes one of those moments to make you feel old: The Dark Knight turns 10 years old on July 18th. That's right. One of the greatest comic book films ever made has reached a

Stranger Things 3 First Look Video Hits! Do you love the American Dream? Well, there are fewer things more American than a mall in the 1980s. They are the place where a good American's hard-earned money can be pumped back into

Lost Stanley Kubrick Script Has Been Found

Even today, director Stanley Kubrick is considered one of the greatest visual storytellers known to mankind. In the decades that film fans have grown to love his work, he has been renowned as a man

Chloe Bennett Says Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Season 6 Begins Filming Next Week

For a while we were not sure if Marvel's Agents of SHIELD would even get a 6th season at all, then it was announced that there would be a 6th and final season of the