– by Campbell Clark

I think all of us here at LRM and probably most fans out there wonder just how long this deal between Sony and Marvel is going to last? How many Spider-Man films will we get in the MCU, how many years will Spidey be a part of any team up movies? Honestly, we just don’t know, the initial deal between Sony and Marvel was for two solo movies and three team-up movies and as of Far From Home‘s release in a couple of weeks, that’s done.

Then we have the supposed leaked Marvel Phase 4 slate which had Spider-Man: Homecoming 3 (placeholder title) as one of the 2022 movies on the slate. Maybe we will find out more around SDCC when Marvel once again attends Hall H, or maybe D23 after that? One person who certainly doesn’t appear to be thinking about a third Spidey movie is Homecoming and Far From Home director Jon Watts.

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LRM‘s Gig Patta caught up with the director exclusively and asked him if he had any plans for a third Spider-Man movie?

“I mean I like to think of these movies just one at a time. To me this movie’s not really done until it’s out in theaters. For me that’s the next big thing, and then we’ll start thinking about where we’re going from there.”

Of course, it’s quite possible that Feige and Sony have already made plans for a third Spider-Man movie logistically, even if the creative part of the process hasn’t really begun in earnest. It’s definitely a wise move to not write too much or plan too far until the release of Far From Home and they can then gauge audience/critic reactions, as well as box office results before making plans for the next movie.

I think I probably speak for most MCU and Spidey fans, in that we absolutely want Spider-Man to remain within the MCU. In fact, I wish Sony would completely dispense with their VenomVerse and just give access to all their characters to Marvel. At the end of the day, Sony still make the money from any solo Spidey movies as it is, so it’s an easy win for them with almost no downside I can see? A man can dream…right?

What do you think of Watt’s comments, is he playing coy, or does he really not have any thoughts on a third movie at this point? Sound off in the usual spot below as always webheads.

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