Mando S3E4 Review: Fun With Some Gripes

Mando S3E4 review. I found this episode of The Mandalorian a fun ride, with some decent action, a few gripes though.

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On time for once this week, here is my written Mando S3E4 review. I found this episode of The Mandalorian a fun ride, with some decent action, a few gripes though. However, it did not quite hit the heights of last week and that’s fine, it does not always have to.

As always, I will be attempting to keep this as SPOILER Free as possible, however that’s going to be tricky again this week. I’ll do my best, but be warned that even this may go too far some. It’s just one of those episodes. Potential mild Spoilers below folks

The Foundling

The focus this week I feel remains firmly around both Grogu and Bo-Katan. So far Dinn’s development has taken a backseat this season. However I’m guessing that may change before the end, we shall see? It had been speculated by many that we might get some Grogu flashbacks this week. Flashbacks that reveal some key information. As I’m keeping spoiler free I won’t be giving details, but it would be tricky to pretend we don’t have scenes set during Order 66.

So…. How were they? I liked the flashbacks and I though the action was shot well. However I do have a couple questions floating around my head afterwards, which I am sure may become niggles. There are some surprises here which I will not spoil. However there is also going to be a ton of Mando fans who watch this episode and have no idea what surprise other fans may be talking bout. It’s a bit of a deep cut.

I’m not complaining about it in any way, just saying some fans will be thinking, ‘who dis?’

Grogu & Bo-Katan

The point of this flashback is because it’s part of Grogu’s development. We already knew Grogu was at the temple during Order 66, and that he was saved. What we have learned now, is just a little bit more of what happened next and who got Grogu out. However what is clear is that we are going to eventually keep following this flashback as we move along. I’m not sure there’s much of a mystery behind it to solve as such though.

There could however end being some connections to a few details mentioned during Obi-Wan Kenobi. If they decide to make that connection down the line, that is. However, I think the point was to perhaps show how far Grogu has come. The majority of the episode is actually set in the current time. For Grogu it is time to take another step forward. At the same time we see Bo-Katan take on a natural leadership role to resolve the action part of this week’s episode.

I’m still not sure what way Bo-Katan is going to go, and I like that. There are some fans who believe she is manipulating the situation already. However there are other fans already shipping Bo-Katan and Dinn and saying she will be Grogu’s mommy. I’m not prepared to make any predictions yet, because in reality the story an work well either way it goes. Grogu’s path on the other hand, for now, seems more straightforward. We shall see though.


I did have a few gripes this week, but nothing major. That of course would depend on your own point of view. Some of the CGI work this week was, sketchy. Now I’m not usually one to complain too much but I felt like some of the creatures we meet this week looked a bit too funky for  my liking. Maybe it was the design and not just the CGI? Dunno, but I didn’t love them.

If we don’t get some character development for Dinn soon, then I’ll have a gripe. We are not quite there yet though. I also have a small gripe about a certain someone I’m avoiding spoilers for. However I’ll perhaps get to that if the situation arises in future episode. I certainly will be discussing it in this week’s edition of The Cantina Reviews, feel free to check out last week’s show Here.

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Overall I enjoyed Mando S3E4, though it was not on the level of E3. I’m still excited too see where this Season is going and it’s still unpredictable. I did hope we get a Dinn focused episode next week though. However there is nothing in this episode bar the Grogu flashback that I’d look back on particularly. Hence my just above average grade below.

Thought for the day, when Children of the Watch have ‘relations’, do they keep their helmets on?


As always, let me know what you thought of my Mando S3E4 review. Also feel free to leave your own review in the usual spot below.

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