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Marvel Article From Variety Branded A Hit Piece And Rejected By Leaks Community | Barside Buzz

The recent Marvel article from Variety has been branded a hit piece and rejected by much of the leaks community and another trade.

The recent Marvel article from Variety we covered extensively has been branded a hit piece and rejected by much of the leaks community and another trade. This is a complicated situation and I’m not telling anyone to believe one source over another. However, anyone who thinks trades are 100% reliable needs to remember some of the false claims that were made in the past year. Does that mean this Variety article is wrong? I can’t answer that question, I have zero inside knowledge. However, when this many people have a strong opinion, it does make one question the original source.

Let’s start with Collider who have debunked/rejected Variety‘s claim that The Marvels director Nia DaCosta left for another project in the middle of post-production on the film.

“We have heard this report is not true and she was very much involved in the editing process while based in London.”

Now wires could be crossed between for one of these trades. It wouldn’t be that big a deal. However, when you add in all the rest? Here is what Lizzie Hill of TCC had to say about the Marvel article. TCC are a rumors outlet, so I get they’re not Variety. However, they do have a very good hit rate.

Accusations flying now. However, there is more to add to this dumpster fire.

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Writer Mike Starburry who actually worked on a previous version of the Blade script took to social media to debunk Variety‘s claim about the movie. If you remember, the trade claimed early versions of Blade‘s script barely featured the character. Starburry said that any version of the script he worked on, which was not first, and not last, was completely focused on Blade himself.

Sadly Starburry has not only deleted the post, he’s deleted his entire Twitter/X profile. Maybe he got advice from someone to hold his peace on this one? However, it’s the internet. Therefore, I saw it and so did millions of others. Here is MTTSH response to Starburry’s post.

MTTSH didn’t stop at that either. Now to be fair with this next, I need to point out the Variety article did NOT claim Doctor Doom was replacing Kang as the new big bad. What they said was that Marvel had talks regarding this recently, just in case.

And one final source for Doctor Doom we have to share. Jeff Sneider from The Hot Mic said on his latest video that Doctor Doom may be a villain in Secret Wars, not the villain.

Sneider did also say the executive at Marvel who was overseeing Blade was fired, but that the script is in good hands with current writer Michael Green.

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So where does this leave us? Here’s my thought process. If there is one false claim in that article then how can we trust any of the rest of it? That being said, I seriously doubt this was all made up as it covered a whole slew of different subjects/projects. However, it’s hard to work out which is which?

In my opinion, it would be crazy for the likes of TCC and MTTSH to go against a trade, especially when neither needed to. None of this was information either had claimed previously that they are trying to protect. Both could have simply said nothing and moved along with their days. You don’t go against Variety unless you are very, very confident. That also goes for Collider who must be satisfied in their source’s information about DaCosta to go against a rival trade.

I guess we will have to wait and see how this all shakes out?

What do you think as the recent Marvel article from Variety has been branded a hit piece and rejected by much of the leaks community and another trade? Thoughts below as always.

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