– by Campbell Clark

Earlier this week we were treated to around 20 minutes of the prologue of Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers game. It would be fair to say that this footage caught the attention a little more than previous reveals amongst gamers, with many liking what they saw.

Of course, we haven’t seen the real meat on the bones of the game yet, and had only a few glimpses at some of the villains. So far only Taskmaster (shown heavily in prologue) and Abomination (glimpsed very briefly) have been shown, but one would expect a whole host of other famous Marvel villains to make an appearance.

Now we know that at least one more set of antagonists has been revealed for the game. The developers have revealed through social media, that A.I.M will be the group going up against the Avengers in the main game. Whilst it is not stated at all, this would perhaps point to a possible MODOK inclusion, as he is usually heavily aligned with A.I.M aka Advanced Idea Mechanics. Check out the Tweet below.

I do strongly believe that if Marvel’s Avengers is going to have a proper end game (no, not that Endgame), then a lot of top tier villains must be kept back from the initial campaign. The game seems to be going for an easy to access action MMO, though perhaps on a slightly more casual basis than some looter shooters can be. The idea of these games is that you need to power up and improve your characters in order to tackle special challenges. Very rarely do game developers reveal all the details of their end game until players discover it on their own.

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This can present problems though, and many games of this nature have launched without a fully realized end game and therefore gamers hit a brick wall within a few weeks. Let’s hope that there is a lot more to this game beneath the surface than it might seem. I am personally not getting too excited until a see some gameplay from the main game. The prologue whilst visually stunning, did feel ‘on rails’ to me with too many quick-time events, I am hoping that’s just a high action intro in to the game and the online co-op campaign is far more skill based.

Are you happy to see A.I.M as the driving force against the Avengers in this game, or are you hoping this is just the first tier of something even better? Let us know what you think below.

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