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Massive Delays Rumored For MCU – Secret Wars To Slip Till 2028? | Barside Buzz

The Beyonder will be the main big bad and allow for a Kang recast, plus Spider-Man 4 not to film till 2025 and Fantastic Four in May 24'

According to the latest Barside Buzz, there are massive delays rumored for the MCU. Secret Wars to slip until 2028, is that possible? Well, at this point I have to say, I buy these rumors. There has been a lot of buzz lately from a lot of good Marvel sources that delays were coming. Marvel Studios quality has suffered as their input has increased. We can all see it, so can Disney.

This latest rumor however is the first that has dared to claim dates. It has to be said, if true, then these delays are bigger than we first thought. The information comes from the r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers subreddit. Now, as you’ll know from previous coverage, the mods on that sub claim they have verified some of their anonymous sources. However, there are multiple sources at work here and it’s possible not all are trustworthy. I’ve also said before, and will again that we need to wait to see how many of these rumors pan out for these sources. All you can ever do is look at a source’s hit rate and it’s too early for that here right now. Plus the post even says a lot of this information is from unverified sources, so I’ll break that down.

There is a lot here folks, including mention of movies and shows that have never been announced. If legit this would be the MCU slate through to 2028. So buckle in and get the salty ready.

Top Shelf Rumors

First let us look at the information the mods claim come from their most ‘trusted’ sources.

Armor Wars: James Spader is coming back as Ultron in Armor Wars

Secret Invasion: It is coming after April most likely’

Secret Wars: 2028 is the end of the saga, the end of the 7th Phase. If they are splitting the final Avengers movie into two parts then at least the second movie will be in 2028.

Echo: No reshoots are planned at the moment to our sources knowledge

X-Men ’97: The show is aiming for the September-October release, near the anniversary of the original show.

However here are the ‘Unverified’ items.

Unverified MCU Slate

This is also copy pasta’d from the source, so not my wording.

The slate is nothing like we saw at SDCC.

They want longer gaps, quality over quantity, but due to how they tell stories, there can’t be too many big gaps, but the aim is to try not having main universe shows overlapping with movies, about a month (give or take) between shows and even some specials will be treated as movies in terms of overlap, and they’re actively working to help fix the VFX artists problem, hiring more to spread the work load more kindly and filming earlier when possible to extend deadlines, basically, they want to make a better environment for cast and crew as well as fans.

X-Men 97 is happening this year, unsure when?

Phase 5 (Rumored Only)

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (Released)

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 – 5th May 2023

Secret Invasion – May 17th- June 21st 2023 -Delayed from March to give audiences a bigger break

Loki Season 2 – July 26th-August 30th 2023 – Source later stated that Loki has been delayed to start in late August, this could very well have a knock on effect and delay other shows by a month or 2

Echo – October 2023 – Swapped with Ironheart‘s original slot and brought up from early 2024

Mephisto – Halloween Season 2023 (Special) – Will be shot with Agatha

The Marvels – November 10th 2023

Sentry – Holidays 2023 (Special) – Will be shot with Thunderbolts, specials at holiday time won’t always be holiday themed

Ironheart – Early 2024- Brought up to give Daredevil and Wonder Man time to not overlap with other projects

Daredevil: Born Again – Spring 2024 – Brought up to not overlap with Thunderbolts

Captain America: New World Order – May 3rd 2024

I Am Groot – Mid 2024 (Shorts)

Thunderbolts – July 26th 2024

Deadpool 3 – September 6th 2024 – Brought up because it’ll be ready before Blade

Wonder Man – Fall 2024- Delayed to not overlap with Deadpool, brought up from past delayed date to not overlap with Blade

Man-Thing – Halloween 2024 (Special)

Phase 6 (Rumored Only)

Blade – November 8th 2024 – After multiple delays, this is it’s firm slot

Silver Surfer – Holiday 2024 (Special)

Agatha: Coven of Chaos – Late 2024/Early 2025- Delayed to priorities other shows

Fantastic Four – February 14th 2025

Vision Quest – Spring 2025

Armor Wars – May 2nd 2025 (Film) – Brought up after being changed to a film to fill an empty slot since it’ll be ready

What If…? Season 2- Mid 2025 – Giant delay but only place it’ll fit (This is a guess)

Young Avengers – 25th July 2025 (Film)

Midnight Angels – Fall 2025 (Show)

Ghost Rider – Halloween 2025 (Special)

Zombies – October 2025- Delayed to give Wonder Man room

Shang-Chi 2 – November 7th 2025

Nova – Holiday 2025 (Special) (Guess as it’s before Kang Dynasty)

Spider-Man 4 – December 19th 2025 (Film) – Delayed to not overlap with Thunderbolts and due to schedules won’t be ready for this spot the year earlier

Strange Academy – Late 2025/Early 2026 (Show)

Doctor Strange 3 – 13th February 2026 (Film) – Brought up to be before Kang Dynasty

Ms. Marvel – Spring 2026 (Show) (Guess since it’s before Kang Dynasty)

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty – 1st May 2026 (Film) – Delayed to have set up before

Phase 7 (Rumored Only)

Created as a Battleworld saga, not everything will be though:

Moon Knight Season 2- Mid 2026

Midnight Suns – 24th July 2026 (Film)

She-Hulk Season 2- Fall 2026 (Guess as it’s before WWH)

Untitled Halloween Special – Halloween 2026 (Special) (Guess, it’s not locked in but they really want to continue Halloween specials, I’d guess (HEAVY GRAIN OF SALT) it could be Black Knight because of Midnight Suns and Eternals)

World War Hulk – November 6th 2026 (Film) – Changed from a show to accommodate budget and will have rights back by then

Untitled Holiday Special – Holiday 2026 (Guess but no idea what it could be, but guess because they wanna do holiday specials but not as much as Halloween, if there’s no good ideas I doubt it’ll happen)

What If…? Season 3- Early 2027 – If the third season even happens, it’ll probably end up here

Eternals 2 – February 12th 2027 (Film)

Illuminati – Spring 2027 (Show)

Avengers: Secret Wars – May 7th 2027 (Possibly 2028) – Delayed for set up as well as production delays

Avengers: Forever – July 30th 2027 (Film) (Secret Wars could be split into 2 parts but it’s 50/50 now, if it does happen it’ll be no projects between the two, and Forever will be more focused on being a last hurrah for Infinity Saga characters and more accurate to the 2015 Secret Wars by being character driven not “I KNOW THAT CHARACTER!” driven, not that that’s all Secret Wars will be, but again don’t be shocked if this one doesn’t happen) [Mod note: We have also heard this titled Avengers: Eternity Wars and if Secret Wars is split up we believe this move could culminate on the 20th anniversary of the MCU]


This project is focused on bringing back Chris Evans to Marvel Studios. He will be protagonist.

Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow is also set to return here, both her and Chris Evans will produce this series, as well, be the main stars.

Script and cast is under wraps. They are set to start filming in early 2024.

They still want to make the project where Captain America returns the infinity stones to their place in time. This is the series where we will see that adventure.

It’s multiversal, we will see different timelines and alternate version of the characters (Steve and Natasha).

They will bring new photography directors, which means they will change the visual style and cinematic image of the standards they’ve been using trough the MCU. Just like they are searching for HBO visioners for Secret Invasion reshoots because of their good cinematographic eye, they might continue this for future projects.

The story is set to be more serious and mature, with less jokes and childish attitudes, they want to experiment with these styles. If this is accepted, they might adopt this for the future MCU shows or films.

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Listen. Take all of this with a hefty dose of salt. Remember the only part that comes from verified sources is the tip. The rest could just be some kid looking at all the rumored projects, plus rumored delays and having some fun. What will be key is when we start to get any official delays, which are coming. If the slate begins to look more and more like the above slate, then it’s up to you if you start to have more faith?

For now I will just watch and wait.

What do you think of the massive delays rumored for the MCU? Will Secret Wars really slip until 2028 and be a two-parter? As always, leave any thoughts below.

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