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Sylvester Stallone may have already entered the world of superheroes in his recent appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but it looks like his time spent in these kinds of worlds is nowhere near done yet. In fact, it looks like he’s working hard to bring an original take on the entire concept, as the outlet Deadline reports.

According to them, the studio MGM has just acquired an original spec script Samaritan from Stallone’s production banner Balboa Productions. The script was written by Bragi F. Schut who has done work on the recent Escape Room film and 2011’s Season of the Witch.

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The actual details of the plot of the story are under wraps, but the outlet describes the story as “a dark, fresh take on the superhero genre.” Of course, in this day and age where everything is a dark and fresh take on the superhero genre, this will really have to be a completely fresh take in order to stand out from the rest.

Honestly, were it not for Stallone being attached to star in this film, we wouldn’t have much to get excited about. As much as I hate to think this, outside of the superhero films from Marvel and DC, I’m kind of suck of seeing reimaginings of the concept. In many ways, the breakdown of the genre has already been done so many times, it’s almost a cliche. Even the quality ones coming out — including Netflix’s Umbrella Academy — are kind of hard for me to get into…so we’ll see if my interest will even be piqued once the film’s first trailer hits.

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SOURCE: Deadline

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