– by Stephon White

Requiem For A Dream, The Road. A Beautiful Mind. Passion of The Christ. What do these films have in common? They’re hard to watch with dry eyes. Each film packs a wallop of emotion. Requiem packs the equivalent emotional punch as being hit by Mike Tyson. You might even walk away with your eyes puffy. Well according to Disney executive Alan Horn, be prepared to fill your pockets with Kleenex in advance of viewing the new live-action The Lion King.

When asked by The Hollywood Reporter, just how many cuts of The Lion King he’s seen. He replied:

“Four. Bring a handkerchief. It’s so emotional. But it’s a remake of an animated film, so there must be some percentage of the audience who will say, ‘Well, I saw the first picture.’ All I can say for sure is you cannot tell these animals aren’t real.”

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You thought it was hard to watch Mustafa plead with Scar before when it was all 2D and animated. Well, wait until it’s all live-action on the big screen again. Man, the height of the fall all the way down to the stampeding Wildebeest below will be staggering. I would wager that it’s probably right around this moment the sound will get low enough in the theater to hear the whimpering sobs of moviegoers.

I plan to bring Kleenex to the theatre for my family. Me?  And to avoid my own tears, I tell myself the same thing I do whenever I watch horror movies. “They’re all getting paid to act.” A strategy which works most of the times. Walt Disney’s The Lion King will premiere this July 19, 2019.

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