The Amityville Murders: John Robinson On Portraying Butch DeFeo [Exclusive Interview] The story of Amityville keeps living on. The Amityville Murders is a look into Butch DeFeo, who murdered his entire family as they slept with a high-powered rifle on the fateful night of November

Larry Charles’ Dangerous World of Comedy: Charles On Comedians Risking Lives In Oppressed Places and War Zones [Exclusive Interview] It’s a very dangerous world out there. We hope comedy can unite us. But, there are several comedians around the world who are risking their own lives and close ones for humor. In the

Ghostbusters 2016 Director Paul Feig Supports Ghostbusters 3 Director

First of all, I'd like to apologize on all the ink that's already been spent on this story involving Jason Reitman, the director of the upcoming Ghostbusters 3. The filmmaker recently made some comments on

Rick Famuyiwa Directing YA Fantasy Novel The Children Of Blood And Bone

This past year or saw the release of a pretty hot ticket YA fantasy novel in the form of The Children of Blood and Bone. The book was written by Tomi Adeyemi and it went

Disney Animation And Pixar Could Create Original Content For Disney+?

Disney+ could very well be a gamechanger. While Netflix has had some competition in the form of streaming services like Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, none have really been able to hold a candle to

MGM Acquires Sylvester Stallone’s Dark Superhero Film Samaritan

Sylvester Stallone may have already entered the world of superheroes in his recent appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but it looks like his time spent in these kinds of worlds is nowhere

Disney Exec Says The Lion King Will Make You Cry

Requiem For A Dream, The Road. A Beautiful Mind. Passion of The Christ. What do these films have in common? They’re hard to watch with dry eyes. Each film packs a wallop of emotion. Requiem packs the

Showtime’s Halo TV Series Finds New Director And Executive Producer

Not too long ago, filmmaker Rupert Wyatt stepped away from the Halo TV project over at Showtime. This was kind of a step back for the project, which has been trying to make its way

Lakeith Stanfield and Daniel Kaluuya In Talks to Join Jesus Was My Homeboy

Creed 2 director Ryan Coogler is producing a biopic on Black Panther activist and leader Fred Hampton, titled Jesus Was My Homeboy. The film will show Hampton's Judas in the form of William O’Neal, a

Bowser To Take Over Nintendo Of America As Reggie Fils-Aime Retires

No, that title technically wasn't clickbait, but it also kinda was, I'll admit. But it was too perfect an opportunity not to pass up, given the circumstances. Yes, it's true. Nintendo of America president Reggie