– by Anthony Esteves

In case you were living under a rock and paying no attention to media coverage yesterday (which would mean you weren’t on LRM and that’s just mean), the revival of Roseanne was canceled by ABC after strong outrage surmounted due to a racist tweet from the star and creator, Roseanne Barr. In her tweet, Barr had stated that former advisor to President Barack Obama Valerie Jarrett, who is African-American and was born in Iran, is the result of if “Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes had a baby.”

It doesn’t take a university professor to point out the history in this country of African-Americans suffering disgusting racist attacks, many of which involve the horrible comparisons to primates. It is a dark stain on the history of this country and ABC, being owned by the Disney corporation, has taken the stance that it will not put up with statements of racism, even if it involves their number 1 show.

News contributors during the time of the show’s revival premiere leading up to the present have been attributing Roseanne‘s success as being the voice of the working class who are not heard by Washington. President Donald Trump once claimed that the show is for “us” as he spoke at one of his rallies. As they now spend time deciding if Barr is still their voice, Netflix has stated that they have exactly the ticket for filling that void by promoting their show One Day At A Time on their Twitter account:

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Netflix’s One Day At A Time is a reimagining of the Norman Lear-produced series that aired on CBS from 1975 to 1984. The Netflix series tells the story of three generations of a Cuban-American family living in the same home in Los Angeles. It focuses on an Army veteran single mother dealing with PTSD while raising her kids with her Cuban mother. The series has dealt with real-world current topics like homophobia, mental illness, immigration, sexism, and the racism Latinos deal with living in the United States.

Netflix, which has been on a run recently acquiring new shows and films, enjoying a 4% rise in its stock after inking a deal with the Obamas to produce new content and gaining about 125 million subscribers, sees an opportunity to not only capitalize on Barr’s big mistake, but to provide another option to those who may feel like there isn’t a show that speaks to them. The audience can feel a working class, tight-knit connection to this show’s family while also having their eyes opened to the world that they live in today.

Well played, Netflix.

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Source: Netflix.