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Netflix’s Shadow And Bone Trailer: A Tale Of Two Series

The newest Shadow and Bone trailer has dropped, revealing more tantalizing shots. So let’s take a deep dive into what’s what from someone who has read the books shall we?

To sum up the books: Shadow and Bone follows Alina ‘Sun Summoner’ Starkov in her journey to harness her light power and destroy the Shadow Fold to save Ravka. Six of Crows follows the ruthless Dreg gang in Kerch. Their leader, Kaz Brekker, selects a specialized crew, affectionately known as the Crows, on a top-secret well-paying job to kidnap Bo Yul-Bayur, a Shu Han scientist responsible for inventing the drug ‘jurda parem’. This rare drug amplifies Grisha power for a short time, but is addictive and destructive to the user. This drug would turn the tide on Ravka’s wars, since their army is largely Grisha-dominant.

She’s Real.

Kaz looks at Inej and says, ‘She’s real’. So the Crows know about Alina and Ravkan politics. More importantly, it appears they will be hired to track down the Sun Summoner instead of jurda parem scientists. If the Kerch businessmen (and the Darkling, Shu Han, and Fjerda) want to control the Sun Summoner then where does jurda parem come in? Will the Crows still break into the Fjerdian Ice Palace? 

It seems the showrunners will be bending the Six of Crows characters to fit the Shadow and Bone plot. The Crows work for the highest price so that’s consistent but Kuwei Yul-Bo isn’t even listed as a cast member. Will jurda parem be saved for a later season or removed entirely? It definitely carried an interesting effect on GrishaWorld politics.

Where are Nina and Matthias?

Where is the Grisha Heartreder (Danielle Galligan) and Fjerdian brute (Callahan Skogman)? Although Kaz, Inej, and Jesper get more screen time in this trailer there is no sign of the other Crows. Will their roles be minimized because the Crows are after the Sun Summoner? Will the main Six of Crows plot be saved for next season making Shadow and Bone season 1 pre-Six of Crows?

I’m all for efficient storytelling but why minimize half of the Crows? Especially the boisterous and directly linked to Ravkan wars half? 

Nina Zenik and Matthias Helvar

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Wylan isn’t on the cast list.

The mysterious and naive explosives expert is nowhere to be found on the cast list. Acting on the presumption Jan Van Eck will offer Kaz the job again it seems logical Kaz would keep Wylan around as leverage. Apparently not. This decision also raises interest around the Wylan-Jesper relationship and whether Netflix had an issue with LGBT+ romance in their new series.

Bold reveals.

Netflix appears to have shown their hand with this last trailer: Alina finds Morozova’s Stag with Mal and also the final battle in the Shadow Fold. It seems bold to tease fans with shots from the end of Shadow and Bone. It also begs the question, will those scenes really be the finale of the season or will this adaption spin a new tale?

Shadow and Bone drops April 23rd on Netflix.

What do you think of this new Shadow and Bone Trailer? What are your thoughts on the Crows hunting Alina Starkov? Let us know below!

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