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New JFK Documentary Shoots Down Conspiracy Theories [Exclusive Interview]

If you don’t know Jack you should watch this new JFK documentary!

As we approach the 57th anniversary of the death of President John F. Kennedy it still remains one of the most well-known conspiracies in the world. The new documentary TRUTH IS THE ONLY CLIENT: The Official Investigation Of The Murder Of John F. Kennedy gives a convincing argument the case is solved. This film attempts to debunk the conspiracy theories and dispel the myths surrounding the death of JFK once and for all. 

President John F. Kennedy in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, TX on November 22nd, 1963.

Truth Is The Only Client features first hand accounts from surviving members of the Warren Commission, the elite team of lawyers appointed by President Johnson to investigate the death of JFK. They discuss the evidence in the case and how they came to their conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was the only shooter in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. This documentary is filled with archival footage, witness testimonies, and is a solid history lesson for anyone watching.  Also on board to help support the lone gunman theory of the Warren Commission is Charles Manson Prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi (Helter Skelter, Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy). The film also features interviews with the United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA), the team responsible for re-investigating the case in the 1970’s. If you had any doubts that Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK this film might change your mind.

Panel Discussion with former Warren Commission staffers in the room where the Commission originally met. Picture (L – R), Justice Stuart Pollak, Justice Richard Mosk, W. David Slawson, Dr. Alfred Goldberg, Host Brendan Sheehan, Howard Willens, Judge Burt Griffin (hidden), Murray Laulich.

TRUTH IS THE ONLY CLIENT: The Official Investigation Of The Murder Of John F. Kennedy is a presentation from Ezzie Films and Blue Star Media. Gravitas Ventures will handle North American distribution. The film is co-produced/directed and written by Todd Kwait and Rob Stegman. JFK expert Judge Brendan Sheehan of Cleveland narrates the documentary. The original idea for a film was conceptualized by Warren Commission member Judge Burt Griffin. 

Judge Burt Griffin, Warren Commission Assistant Counsel, Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas, Cleveland, OH.

Several weeks after the presidential assassination 35-year-old Cleveland attorney Burt Griffin received a phone call that would change his life forever. A former colleague of his who now worked for Robert Kennedy asked him to join the Warren Commission, a group of lawyers investigating the murder of JFK. Griffin said it was pure luck and he landed this role because of his midwest location and background in criminal prosecution. His main task was researching Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby and finding out why he took the life of accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. After serving on this distinguished team Griffin went on to become a Judge in the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court in Ohio for 30 years. 

G. Robert Blakey (R) Chief Counsel of the House Select Committee on Assassinations with Judge Burt Griffin (L), Warren Commission Assistant Counsel, Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas, Retired, Cleveland OH, examining a drawing of President Kennedy.

I had the honor to speak to Warren Commision member Judge Burt Griffin about the new JFK documentary Truth Is The Only Client. In this phone interview we discuss why he continues to push the theory of the lone gunman even though it’s met with so much criticism. I pick his brain about the JFK assassination and get his take on the facts he investigated first-hand over 50 years ago. There’s a lot of conflicting information out there that contradicts the Warren Commission’s Report but Griffin sticks to his story that Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated the president. 

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Judge Burt Griffin: Hi Jake!

Jake Perry: Your Honor, so nice to talk to someone from the Warren Commission. Wow.

Judge Burt Griffin: Thank you for saying that. Where are you located?

Jake Perry: Right now I’m in Hollywood, California but I’m originally from Boston. I’m an Irish Catholic, I summer at Cape Cod, and I love the Kennedys. So it’s great to be talking to you today.

President Kennedy and family, Hyannis Port. L-R: John F. Kennedy Jr., Mrs. Kennedy, Caroline Bouvier Kennedy, President Kennedy. Photograph by Cecil Stoughton, August 1962.

Judge Burt Griffin: I can understand that. If you’re Irish Catholic you can’t do anything else except love the Kennedys.  

Jake Perry: (laughs) Exactly. So where are you calling from? Are you in Ohio right now?

Judge Burt Griffin: Yes I am. I’m in a suburb of Cleveland called Shaker Heights. 

Jake Perry: Very nice. I haven’t been there but I’ve been to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame before, that’s about it.

Judge Burt Griffin: That’s our big attraction. It used to be the Cleveland Browns were our big attraction but not any longer.  

Jake Perry: Nope. You got that rock and roll, which is pretty cool. So this documentary TRUTH IS THE ONLY CLIENT, this was your brainchild?

Judge Burt Griffin: It’s partially true but the reality is I was looking for somebody who would do what the documentary producer, Todd Kwait, calls a “narrative movie”. I want somebody to do an honest movie, about a two hour movie that would somehow be for a mass audience. And the producer Todd Kwait, when he was in law school, had been a clerk in my office. I’m a retired judge. When his father told me that he was making movies instead of practicing law, I called Todd and asked him if he could give me some advice on how to get somebody to do an honest movie about the assassination and he showed up for lunch with a plan for a documentary. So he really gets the credit for it. He’s done a tremendous amount of work as you can see from the documentary.

Dr. Alfred Goldberg (L), Warren Commission Staff Historian, with Judge Burt Griffin (C), Warren Commission Assistant Counsel, Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas, Retired, Cleveland, OH, and Executive Producer Todd Kwait (R).

Jake Perry: Yes. It really is a great movie. There’s so many facts. I pretty much took on the task.. I was like, all right, I have this interview coming up, I’m going to spend all week learning about JFK. I’m going to crack this case! It didn’t happen. The more I learned.. there’s so much information…there’s so much disinformation..conspiracies. You don’t know what’s true. So I can only imagine the hard time you guys were having when you were investigating this back in 1963.

Judge Burt Griffin: And you know, we wanted to find a conspiracy. As I said in the documentary, if we could have found a conspiracy, we’d have been national heroes and we would have saved the country from something. So we wanted to find a conspiracy and there was just no evidence of it.

G. Robert Blakey (R) Chief Counsel of the House Select Committee on Assassinations with Judge Burt Griffin (L), Warren Commission Assistant Counsel, Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas, Retired, Cleveland, OH, examining a photo of Dealey Plaza

Jake Perry: I do a lot of research. It seems like there is a bunch of evidence of a conspiracy. Did you feel like at the time you just didn’t see anything, now 50 years later, is there anything you would have done differently with all the new information that’s out there, all the different theories and conspiracies?

Judge Burt Griffin: Well, the theories..let me say this, Jake. The theories never are able to link it up with who shot the president. The evidence is overwhelming that Oswald shot the president. And so the problem is you’ve got to focus on what Oswald was doing in his life at that point and, and see whether either by working from him out to other people you could connect him with a possible conspirator, and that’s what we were trying to do. Or whether you could start with a theory such as a lot of these people have and connect your theory to Oswald as the shooter, but there’s none of them that are able to do that. So this is not evidence that proves the conspiracy. It may prove that there were a lot of people who didn’t like the president, but not that they had any connection with Oswald. 

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Photo of Lee Harvey Oswald with rifle, taken in Oswald’s back yard by his wife, Neely Street, Dallas Texas, March 1963. The photo was Warren Commission exhibit 133-A. (Oswald claims the photo is a fake.)

Jake Perry: There was evidence for Oswald but it was iffy evidence, a little shaky, like a palm print on the gun…it seems like there’s some big conspiracy!

Judge Burt Griffin: Well, let me tell you, the evidence is overwhelming. And let me start with this if we had time to talk about it.

Jake Perry: Yes.

Judge Burt Griffin: There were two people who actually saw the shots being fired from the sixth floor window.

View from the sixth floor window in the Texas School Book Depository.

Jake Perry: Yes. But didn’t one of those people say that it was someone with a dark complexion, or something like that?

Judge Burt Griffin: Yes, one of them did do that. But then you find up on the sixth floor window, the box with his fingerprints on it, the gun with palm print on it, and three empty cartridges. It’s pretty darn clear that somebody was shooting from up there.

A photo of the sniper’s nest on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository.

Jake Perry: Absolutely. Well, Judge, you know, they also found a fingerprint for Malcolm Wallace up there too, I think he was an assassin. Do you know what I’m talking about?

Judge Burt Griffin: They did find other fingerprints but there were a lot of people working up there. 

Jake Perry: Okay. 

Judge Burt Griffin: But then you got to trace what did Oswald do after the president was shot? He left the building. And you can trace all the things that he did in considerable detail. He winds up taking a taxi cab to get to this apartment.  Why does he have to take a taxi? He could have just stayed on the bus. So he was in a hurry to go someplace. Why was he in a hurry? He doesn’t have the taxi let him off at his rooming house. He’s left a block or so beyond. It takes him about five minutes to walk back to his house. He goes into his room and he gets a pistol to take out. Then he shoots Officer Tippit. Why does he do that? Then he flees and hides in a movie theater. So my point is, you trace all this thing through and there’s no question that Oswald.. evidence like that is just overwhelming.

Originated from the report of the Warren Commission.

“Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.” JFK

Jake Perry: You’re saying there were witnesses, but then there were witnesses that also said that the person was short and stocky while Lee Harvey Oswald was kind of thin.  

Judge Burt Griffin: No, no, no, there’s no witness to the sixth floor depository that night.

Jake Perry: No, I meant the JD Tippit shooting. There’s some conflicting witnesses.

Judge Burt Griffin: We got about five eye witnesses to that. And we also know it was Oswald’s gun that killed Tippit. You know, there all sorts of people that make lousy identifications.

Host Judge Brendan Sheehan (R) analyzing the Zapruder Film with operator Chris Keffer (L).

Jake Perry: Right.

Judge Burt Griffin: That’s one of the things you have to do. You have to sort out the people who are credible from those who aren’t credible.

Jake Perry: Do you think you were able to properly investigate the death of JFK? Especially finding out later that the CIA and people were holding out information from the Warren Commission.

Official White House Photo Of John F. Kennedy.

Judge Burt Griffin: That withholding was important. And in terms of our ability to find out who shot the president, there was nothing withheld from us on that. 

Jake Perry: Okay. 

“Ask not what your country can do for you…ask what you can do for your country.” JFK

Judge Burt Griffin: But we had two agencies that withheld information from us and you have to look at what that was that they withheld and why they did it. You know what Agent Hosty did of the FBI. And we know that the CIA never told us that they were trying to assassinate Castro. And that would have been very important to us because it would have helped us understand Oswald’s motive if we had known that, but they denied it. We knew that there were claims that the CIA was trying to do that but they absolutely denied it to us. And also the FBI denied, Hosty denied to us initially that Oswald had ever come to the FBI office and left a threatening note. I’ve come to see that as very significant evidence because that means that 10 days before the assassination it was very unlikely that Oswald was thinking about killing the president.

Jake Perry: You were saying in the movie, it’s almost like you think Oswald’s actions were a spur of the moment thing because his wife at the time wasn’t picking up the phone, and it put him in a bad mood?

Judge Burt Griffin: I think it was much more complex than that but that was part of it. I think his life had fallen apart at that point. There were three things that were among others, there were three important things to him. One was his political ambitions. The other one was his relationship with Marina. And the third one was being able to support himself. And November 22nd came at a point when his job was about to run out. He had not had success in either getting or holding jobs. So that was in his immediate future. The second part about this, as we discussed before, was his marriage was falling apart. The third one was that he had nowhere politically to go. The Cubans had rejected him when he went to Mexico City..

Jake Perry: Didn’t the Soviets send him back?  

Judge Burt Griffin: Well, the Soviets didn’t send it back. He left the Soviet Union on his own, but they didn’t want him back. Although I don’t think he knew that. But he didn’t want to go to the Soviet Union. And he was looking to be a political hero of some sort. I personally think that what motivated him was the hope that that General Walker and the right-wingers in Dallas would be blamed for the assassination because they were the initial prime suspects. What the local police and what the Secret Service were worried about in protecting the president was that some of Walker’s followers were going to do something that was at least embarrassing to the president when he came to Dallas. So an instant reaction was when the president shot was that it was one of Walker’s supporters that was doing it. And then it turns out almost within less than an hour that it was Oswald.

Jake Perry:  There’s a lot of information to take in in this documentary. If you’re someone who comes in not knowing anything about the case, you’re going to watch this and be like, “Oswald did it!” If you’re someone who’s sort of a conspiracy theorist like myself,  you’re still going to have your doubts, but I was almost convinced! But there’s just so much other conflicting research out there and we don’t know everything about Oswald. Maybe he was CIA, working for them. And he was just a patsy..

Jack Ruby shoots Lee Harvey Oswald. Winner of the 1964 Pulitzer Prize for Photography. Photo by Bob Jackson.

Judge Burt Griffin: Well, we can talk about the word patsy also. But how much of your time have you spent trying to investigate the assassination?

Jake Perry: Really, it’s been this whole week. I’ve always been a conspiracy guy, but now I’ve been reading books on JFK. I watched the 9-part series The Men Who Killed Kennedy. I watched Rush To Judgement, the special from the sixties. I’m reading Jesse Ventura books over here, I’m going deep, Judge!

Judge Burt Griffin: Are you prepared to buy any books about the assassination?

Jake Perry: Yes. Which one are you thinking?

Judge Burt Griffin: Well, there are two books I think you ought to have it in your library. One obviously is the Warren Commission Report. Everything that’s cited in the Warren Commission Report you can now get online, so you don’t need to have the volumes of evidence. The other book I think you should keep as a reference is Vincent Bugliosi’s book, Reclaiming History. Although I have some problems with Bugliosi, I don’t like his writing style, it actually is a tremendous research job. He has an index that’s the most expensive one I’ve ever seen. So if you’re reading a conspiracy theory or somebody who is saying something and you want to check to see whether it’s right, you can go to Bugliosi book and he has a 15,000 citation CD. His end notes are contained on a computer disc that has 15,000 citations to it.

Vincent Bugliosi, Author, Reclaiming History: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Jake Perry: Alright. Bugliosi, yup. I don’t know about that guy..

Judge Burt Griffin: Okay. Vincent Bugliosi. B-U-G..

Jake Perry: No, no, I do. I’m saying I don’t know about his character!  I’ve read some lawsuits with him. He’s accusing the milkman of some stuff. He’s got some issues.

Judge Burt Griffin: On this thing he is reliable. He’s got this thing documented, he’s got a source note for everything.  

Jake Perry: Okay. I watched some doc the other night, The Smoking Gun, and it is saying how the Secret Service agent in the back car shot him with his rifle by mistake.

Photograph of Secret Service Agent George W. Hickey carrying an ArmaLite AR-15 shorty after President Kennedy was shot in Dallas, November 22, 1963.

Judge Burt Griffin: Yeah right. (chuckles)

Jake Perry: So many theories out there…

Judge Burt Griffin: Yes, I suggest that you own those two books. 

Jake Perry: Okay.

Judge Burt Griffin: I want to suggest one other book that you read.

Jake Perry: Alright, what is it? 

Judge Burt Griffin: And that is Priscilla McMillan’s biography of the relationship of Oswald and Marina. The title of the book is Marina and Lee. 

Priscilla Johnson McMillan, Historian, Davis Center for Russian & Eurasian Studies at Harvard University, Author Marina and Lee

Jake Perry: Oh, right. Okay. That was mentioned in the movie.

Judge Burt Griffin:  And she was in the documentary. 

Jake Perry: Yes. 

Judge Burt Griffin: It’s a very readable fascinating book. And I think once one becomes satisfied that Oswald shot the president, then you got to ask yourself the question, “Who is this guy Oswald? What was going on in his life?” And I would say to you that pursuing that line of analysis has a lot of contemporary relevance. 

Cropped mugshot from arrest card of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Jake Perry: Definitely, I’ll go down that route.

Judge Burt Griffin: Yeah. And think about this because what we need to know is, what kind of person shoots the president, in America? What kind of person shoots the president? So we’ve got Oswald as one of those people. And what brought him to do that? Understanding Oswald is an absolute key.  

Jake Perry: Judge, do you think Jeffrey Epstein killed himself?

Judge Burt Griffin: (chuckles) God, I don’t know. He might..I don’t know. I don’t have enough evidence to know..

Jake Perry: Did we land on the moon? 

Judge Burt Griffin: Yes, we landed on the moon. I have no doubt about that. 

Jake Perry: Okay. Alright, Judge. I don’t want to take too much of your time but thank you so much. It’s an honor, sir. It was a great doc. Very informative. I learned a lot and I feel like there’s just so much more research that needs to be done. So I will definitely check out these books.

Judge Burt Griffin: Alright Jake, good luck to you. Buh-bye.

TRUTH IS THE ONLY CLIENT: The Official Investigation Of The Murder Of JFK is available now on Video On Demand. For more information visit

There are so many different theories on who killed JFK and conflicting evidence that makes it hard to find the truth. Could it really have been the “magic bullet” theory with Lee Harvey Oswald? Did the driver of JFK’s limo fire the fatal shot? Was it the Secret Service Agent four cars back with the automatic rifle who shot him accidentally? Was there a shooter in the grassy knoll and/or sewer? Why was evidence tampered with? Was the mob involved and/or CIA involved? Was President Lyndon Johnson complicit? Why was the motorcycle formation changed last minute? Why was his body moved out of Texas? Can someone explain the conflicting autopsy reports? Did Lee Harvey Oswald have an intelligence look-a-like? Why did many key witnesses mysteriously die? When will all the JFK files be unsealed? Who took the president’s brain!?!  

“A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on”. JFK

These are all valid questions that lead me to believe there was a conspiracy involved in the assassination of President Kennedy. There’s way too much contradictory information out there to ignore and continue to blame Lee Harvey Oswald. Truth Is The Only Client is an informative documentary that I suggest to any JFK researcher who wants to absorb as much information as they can on the case. But just like the Warren Commission’s Report, it only presents the facts of the case and witness testimony that supports their lone gunman narrative. I implore everyone to do their own research on JFK and come to their own conclusion because the core forces running America continue to cover up the JFK assassination to this day. Until the real truth on President Kennedy’s death is told there will always be distrust in the American government.  

Who do you think killed President John F. Kennedy? 



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