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No, Kathleen Kennedy Is Not Getting Pushed Out Of Lucasfilm, And There Is No Internal Civil War | LRM’s Top Shelf Rumor

Rumors that the Damon Lindelof script was not great, Kathleen Kennedy is under pressure to and 3 Star Wars movies announced this year.

Want Kathleen Kennedy to leave Lucasfilm? It may not happen any time soon.

Ever since Star Wars: The Last Jedi, there have been rumors aplenty about Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy. Given how little some fans seem to care for the Sequel Trilogy, I can understand the desire for a change in leadership. While I don’t necessarily agree that the Sequel Trilogy was bad (save for Skywalker), I do think there have been some bad steps from up top in terms of director retention. That being said, fans are eager to see Kennedy leave her position at Lucasfilm, and seem eager at every rumor to pop up about it.

There have been rumors in recent weeks surrounding a supposed civil war between Kennedy and creatives Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni. And more recently, there’s been another one that revolves around Kennedy exiting and being replaced by George Lucas. According to said rumor, Lucas is desperate to return to and save Star Wars. 

I’m here to say that our own source within Lucasfilm says very differently. More specifically, they say there is no talk about Kennedy leaving any time soon. At present, she has her attention focused on the film side of things over at Lucasfilm, while Favreau and Filoni are more focused on the Disney+ content. Furthermore, our source added that the rumored “civil war” is not true, and that they trio’s working relationship is fine.

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Now, that’s not to say she won’t leave when her contract ends in 2021. That’s obviously still possible. But, contrary to popular rumors, they aren’t in a mad scramble to shove her out the door. In fact, it very much sounds like Kennedy could be there for as long as she wants. It could essentially be her decision to leave, not a panic move by Disney.

As I’ve stated before, I can see why fans would glom on to the rumors of her leaving. They want her to leave so they can get the Star Wars films they want. As a result, there are plenty of outlets and YouTubers out there who prey on desperate fans. They fabricate news in an effort to capitalize on that desperation. And it works. These types of rumors hit Facebook groups, Reddit, and the web as a whole like wildfire.

While we never know how things will pan out in the world of entertainment, I urge everyone to utilize common sense when looking at news. Don’t just believe something because you want it to be true. And with that in mind, even look critically at our news before accepting it blindly. As it stands, we only have one source on this, so as with all rumors, a grain of salt is needed.

Regardless, that is what our source is telling us. Kathleen Kennedy is fine at Lucasfilm, and can basically leave whenever she wants. There is no big drama and no situation where the staff is praying for the return of George Lucas.

What do you think of this rumor? Are you happy that Kathleen Kennedy isn’t going to be shoved out of Lucasfilm? Sound off down below!

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