– by Seth McDonald

The pop culture rich Ready Player One will be released in just a few months time. The film is set in a world where reality isn’t great for most people, and in order to escape many visit the OASIS, a virtual world with endless possibilities.

Actress Olivia Cooke, who plays the character Samantha Cook/ARt3mis in the film, recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly and talked about how the Ready Player One world isn’t that far off from our own:

“We’re starting to see people are more locked into their phones than looking up and interacting with people. In 2045, there is world famine, there is world war, and the cost of a plane ticket, travel, and of living life to a high standard in reality has gotten so exorbitant that the only form of escape for them is to log into an alternate reality.”

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I’m not sure we are headed for world famine or another world war just yet, but there are some similarities there for sure, many people already use their phones or tablets as a way to escape.

People have done it with TV and video games for years, but now the phones and tablets are so personalized it is easy for people to fall into trap. As technology advances, it’s likely so will people’s isolation. Until then, we can enjoy films like Ready Player One, because frankly, it looks fantastic.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly