Physical Media Death Watch: No Deleted Scenes On Spider-Man: No Way Home UK Blu-ray

Spider-Man No Way Home Blu-Ray

Let’s get this one thing out of the way, physical media is superior to streaming. It comes uncompressed (mostly, but it’s technical), bypasses internet speed and bandwidth bottlenecks, and allows you to maintain a copy of a production that cannot be changed by a studio on a whim. That being said, there are benefits to streaming such as not needing space to store physical discs. However, we’re seeing less and less interest in physical media, and the beloved extras made popular by DVDs are fading too. Welcome the next sign of things to come, Spider-Man: No Way Home’s UK Blu-ray. Oh, that Blu-ray has NO DELETED SCENES!

Spider-Man: No Way Home UK Blu-ray Release

According to Chatter Box Film, America’s former overlords are getting less content than they had been led to believe. The hugely successful MCU film has already hit home video across the pond and pictures of the case, and menu, confirm no deleted scenes are available. See the Twitter thread below:

What about the North American market? Well, some guy named Steve tweeted a picture that is allegedly the back of our home video sleeves, and there are deleted scenes. Also, CBF stated that online listings for the US release has over 90 minutes of extras advertised compared to the UK’s 82 minutes.

If all of this is as it seems, why is the UK getting the shaft from Sony? This doesn’t feel like a money saving thing, but maybe it’s an experiment.

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The Mad Science Of Media Consumption

Extra stuff for movies became popular with the widespread adoption of the DVD format. Digital discs have more storage space than VHS tapes. Also, the menu system is better for additional content than sticking a 5 minute featurette before or after the film on tape. People loved seeing blooper reels and outtakes, deleted or alternate scenes, and the (best thing ever) commentary tracks. The first two are still pretty popular amongst casual movie fans, but the commentary tracks are like heroin for film buffs. Behind-the-scenes documentaries like on Star Wars Episode I’s DVD are the only thing that may take the top prize from commentary tracks. Unfunny note, all three MCU Spider-Man films have lacked commentary tracks.

Spider-Man No Way Home UK Blu-ray Has No Deleted Scenes 1

Why does all of this matter? Because, without these extras, what reason is there for film buffs to stick with physical media? The only ones that will are the audio/visual-philes. As an A/V-phile myself, I intend to purchase physical media for as much stuff as I can. However, I am upset about the situation. Some subscription services offer some extras, but you can already see things like commentary and raw documentaries fading away. Compare the DVD documentary for The Phantom Menace to the BTS featurettes from the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy. IT’S BORING! If the only people buying physical media are the A/V-philes, then companies have no incentive to keep producing discs. If the only place to get the movie is their digital service, then they basically make you rent that movie EVERY DAY!

The Sad Future

I get that most people don’t care about compression, their eyes don’t notice the difference. However, losing physical can hurt older films that don’t get put on a streaming service. Also, go back a few paragraphs and re-read the other potential effects. There is a lot of history to loose without physical media. Additionally, the loss of access to the filmmaking process is also sad. I am not sure when, but the end for physical media is coming.

What is your opinion on the Spider-Man: No Way home UK Blu-ray missing deleted scenes? Also, what is your take on physical media versus streaming? Let us know in the comments below!

SOURCE: Chatter Box Film

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