– by Brendan Hughes

LRM‘s own Gig Patta recently had a chance to speak with Dave Komorowski, Head of Characters and Technical Animation on Ralph Breaks the Internet. One of the hardest tasks of deciding to take the story to the internet is narrowing down which parts to portray and even is harder is how to portray them. Komorowski revealed that the question of how to portray virtual locations as physical ones was a major task for the staff behind the film:

“We visualized what the real world equivalent to this place (eBay) would be. It’s a place where people go to bid on items so it’s like an auction house”

“One of the biggest and best parts of our job is we get to work with the biggest and best talent in the world. Brian Curless is the reigning US auctioneer and we flew him in to run some auctions.”

Taking a place like eBay and attaching real-world equivalents ties the film to reality allowing the audience to be placed in Ralph and Vanellope’s shoes. Adding in Curless is a great addition as it further lends to tethering the film to reality.

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Let us know your thoughts. What website are you looking forward to seeing in Ralph Breaks the Internet?

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