– by Anthony Esteves

NOTE: An error was made in the previous AHS 1984 review regarding the number of episodes left. This writer was under the impression there were eight episodes this season. However, there are nine. The season finale review will be later this week.

It’s the day before Halloween, 1989. Margaret and her people are setting up the big concert event at Camp Redwood. The spirits tied forever to the grounds are awaiting the public’s arrival. Mr. Jingles has killed himself and is now a roaming spirit of the camp as well, putting him on equal footing to combat the Satan-powered Richard Ramirez. And Brooke and Donna are seated in a diner discussing what to do next.

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The loud conversation between the two–in which Brooke vows to Donna that she will kill Margaret before starting a new life–is overheard by a reporter named Stacy. Later on, Stacy reveals that she knows who they are. In order to keep her quiet, Brooke promises her one hell of a story if she tags along with them. When Brooke considers killing the reporter instead, Donna stops her and tells her to quiet the beast inside her. While killing Margaret is revenge and justice, killing the reporter is evil and Donna won’t allow her to succumb to it. Brooke agrees and states that the two of them will be the “final girls” of this story.

Meanwhile, Bruce (Dylan McDermott) has made his way via stolen vehicle from his latest hostage to Camp Redwood and meets Ramirez. The two form an admiration for the other, as Bruce reveals his fanboy-like following of Ramirez’s killing spree, and the two are eventually greeted by Margaret. Here, she reveals to them that the plan is to have the different musical acts murdered at the camp in order to create a massive tourist attraction–which would generate massive revenue for her.

Mr. Jingles made his presence known, attempting to seek vengeance on the man who killed his wife. However, Bruce and Margaret fouled that up, and Jingles is stabbed and killed by Margaret. Later, he wakes up tied up by the newly added spirits to the camp, still holding a grudge for being killed by him. Jingles pleads for them to let him go, citing the fact that he killed his wife and is threatening to kill his son. However, it was no use. The prank guys took Jingles to the dock, stabbed him repeatedly, and sent him off on a boat, promising that he will spend eternity being repeatedly killed. Then, in a pure homage to Friday The 13th, Jingles is pulled out of the boat and underwater by the rotting corpse of his brother.

In the final moments of the episode, Jingles finds himself on the lake’s shore with his mother and little brother, happily existing together. He doesn’t feel he deserves this happiness, but his mother tells him she’s sorry for what she did to him and explains that he made the ultimate sacrifice for his son. Grateful for finding Bobby, she asks Jingles to stay with them and remain a happy family. Jingles seems to have found happiness back with his mother and brother, and appears to accept her invitation. But will he remain there with Ramirez still threatening to kill his son? We’ll find out Wednesday during the season finale.

American Horror Story 1984 airs Wednesday nights on FX, and is available for streaming on the FX Now app.

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