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UPDATE: The original Reddit post was updated, and the poster admitted to making the whole thing up.









Grain. Salt. Ready?

Reddit is back at it, as there are more alleged leaks to report from the popular website. This time it has to do with Avengers 4. Reddit user abigfriend claims to have some friends on the inside over at Marvel, and while he didn’t say in what departments his connections worked in, he did give a vast amount of information. I will give a sample of the kind of information abigfriend is working with, but if you want to read their entire post you can do so here.

Going to give a second spoiler warning here because abigfriend comes strong with some really bold claims, and honestly, a lot of them sound plausible.

“There are many callbacks to the original IRON MAN 1. For example, there is a scene where Tony and Cap are off stealing the tesseract from Avengers 1 era and Thanos is about to catch Tony and kill him. However, Cap says he will fight Thanos 1v1 to buy Tony more time to escape. Tony says that he will die fighting Thanos and that they should stick to their plan of escaping, Cap responds saying “This was always the plan” THIS SCENE IS A CALLBACK TO THE SCENE IN IRON MAN 1 WHERE YINSEN SACRIFICES HIMSELF TO ALLOW TONY TO ESCAPE.”

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So there is one enticing example of what the post has to offer. This is probably the biggest supposed leaks post I have come across. Seriously, folks, either abigfriend does have some well-connected friends at Marvel, or he spent a lot of time dreaming all this stuff up.

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Source: Reddit