– by Seth McDonald

According to Reddit user Hufflepuffins, Solo: A Star Wars Story is to go through more reshoots. Hufflepuffins claimed in a post on the popular forum site that reshoots for the Han Solo anthology film will begin at the end of January and continue for at least three weeks. The user has been correct on production information in the past, so while this news should still be taken with a grain of salt, it’s possible that his claims are true.

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In the comments of his original post, Hufflepuffins agreed with a fellow user that these reshoots were most likely what’s known in the industry as pick-ups. Pick-ups are small shots intended to strengthen previously shot footage. For example, maybe shooting some connective tissue between shots or scenes to make the viewing smoother. Given the reshoot process the film has already gone through with the director change, it makes sense that they’d need to iron things out. So these reshoots may not be as bad as they initially sound. It doesn’t sound like the same process that Rogue One went through what many called massive reshoots before its release.

With the issues Solo: A Star Wars Story has faced during production, any news of reshoots sends fans into a frenzy, especially with rumors that Disney is worried the film will bomb. In this case, the reshoots seem pretty standard and don’t necessarily point to more problems with the film, even if they are this close to the film’s release. Nothing about this film is normal, so it’s probably for the best that they take all the time they can to ensure it’s a quality film.

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Source: Hufflepuffins